7 Free Sample Packs For Producers To Chop n Flip (Free Download)

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Over the year we have put together and given away some really dope sample packs. I think a lot of the newer visitors may have missed out so we put together a super list of rare hip hop samples for free download.

We have plenty more free samples packs for you to chop and flip coming so make sure you stay tuned.

Rare Soul Sample Series:

Rare Soul Samples Pack Vol 1 | Dope Sample Chops (Free Download)

Rare Sample Pack Part 2 (20 More Dope Samples To Flip) | Free Download

Mr. Yard Presents: Rare Soul Sample Pack Part 3 (Free Download)

DJ Pain 1 Samples:

DJ Pain 1 “Digger’s Hotline” Sample Pack (Free Download)

DJ Pain1 “Unfinished Friday” Loop Pack (75 Samples)

More Sample Packs:

22 Yeezus Inspired Samples (Free Download)

Chop N’ Flip: Free Random Sample Pack (Soul/Movie Scores/Drum Loops & More)





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