Sonny Digital Releases Free G.O.A.T. Album With Hennessy

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Producer Sonny Digital has been on his rapper shit lately. He just released a short project with Hennessy. As an entrepreneur I am interested in the details behind that deal and how it came about. Hennessy has noticeably been investing more and more into the rap industry (ex. Nas.) It is dope that they went with a producer this time.  You have probably seen some of the content they have been putting out promoting the project.

The dopest song on the album to me is the first song “First Call” which is inspired by Kanye West’s song Last Call. In both songs they talk about their come up.

Overall I would say dope production and Sonny is actually talking about some shit that producers can relate to.

Stream Sonny Digital New Album G.O.A.T. Here


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