5 Easy Chord Progression Tutorials For Beat Makers

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Too often I find myself using the same trap chord progressions when I make beats. If you never had any piano lessons for making beats you can feel limited in front of a keyboard.

When I am having beat block I go on youtube and find a video to learn a new chord progression. When you find something dope its usually easy to make a few beats with those same chords.

These videos teach FL studio music theory so you will pick up some new melodies to use as well as learn more about how music and harmony work.

1. 10 Hip Hop/R&B Chord Progressions To Make Beats With

2. Minor Jazz 2-5-1 Progression

3. Dark A Minor Trap Chord Progression Tutorial (Sus Chords)

4. FL Studio Trap Chord Progression Tutorial

5. Soulful R&B Chord Progressions Video




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