YouTube Marketing Guru Brandman Sean Sits Down With Producergrind

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YouTube marketing guru Brandman Sean Taylor sat down with Producergrind Thursday afternoon to discuss ways producers and artists can market themselves, creating streams of income and his upcoming music & arts event Adventure ATL Fest.

Brandman talked about the importance of consistency in online video marketing. He set a goal to do two videos a week sharing his expertise. He started with one subscriber and a little over a year later he has over 200 videos and over 32,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He stressed the need for artists and producers have a plan based on the specific skill or talent they are selling. He told us that every plan won’t work for every person.

Brandman Sean also has a music & arts festival on Saturday, March 24 in Atlanta, Adventure ATL Fest headlined by trap/r&b artist Kodie Shane. For more information visit

Do you subscribe to Brandman Sean on YouTube? If so drop some of the best advice you’ve learned from him in the comments below.

3:10 The types of content that music producers should be putting out right now

6:58 How he got his start as a video blogger

14:07 Properly promoting purchased features

16:52 Creative marketing and how to best use a marketing budget

26:45 Scaling as a music entrepreneur

30:28 How producers can capitalize on their opportunites

31:48 The path to being an executive producer

33:42 Music producers having to worry about the business as much as the art

34:51 How to develop multiple streams of income

40:39 Choosing good investment opportunities


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