STREETRUNNER Talks Making Beats For Lil Wayne, Signing Producers, Business Advice + More

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Super Producer STREETRUNNER interview. SR came on the producergrind podcast and talked about his early days on the grind in Miami. He talks about meeting Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and other Miami based producers and how investing in his craft and his brand helped him in getting placements on some of the most iconic rap albums including The Carter 3. STREETRUNNER gives music producer business advice and talks about how he signed a producer from France because he took the initiative to pull up and was also a cool person.

1:50 SR talks about how he got started in the game

3:30 Explains the concept of a super producer

6:02 Using drum machines before DAWs were available

9:22 On NOT making sound kits

11:00 Talks about getting his start with Ruff Ryders

12:57 On meeting Cool of Cool & Dre

16:57 His early days in his relationship with DJ Khaled

18:22 Discusses his first big hit with Fat Joe & Terror Squad

20:54 Pioneering the use of 808s with samples

23:05 Gives advice to up and coming producers about building relationships

27:30 Talks about signing French producer Tarik Aziz

34:53 Newest work with 2 Chainz

40:52 Making Lil Wayne’s “Gossip”

50:34 On RZA being his favorite producer

57:11 Trippie Redd has bars

1:00:18 How much money producers make off streaming

1:05:16 Old School vs New School

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