Russ Blames Producers For “Whack” Music & Metro Boomin Claps Back

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Rapper/Singer Russ was seen in an Instagram meme, which appears to be an outtake from an interview with VLAD TV, in which he blames “whack” music on producers. He said that most times he gets packs of beats from a producer and almost all of them are whack. Maybe he’s trolling to get more beats out of people. Maybe he really believes that producers are making “whack shit.” Either way, he’s lost the producer community. Metro Boomin was among the many who objected to the comments.

Peep the chain of events on IG below

Russ tryna say producers trash? 🤔 lol 😂😭 #producerlife #producergrind

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👀 #ifyoungmetrodongtrustyou #producergrind

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Abe Batshon of Beatstars chimed in to remind Russ that we are getting some the best beats we’ve ever gotten in the history of the genre.

🤷🏻‍♂️ #repost @abebatshon

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