Charlie Rocket’s Law of Attraction Secrets For Music Producers

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Charlie Jabaley aka Charlie Rocket interview talking about how to have an abundance mindset and the power of the law of attraction. Many music producers believe in the law of attraction but not many know how to actually use it. We brought in CEO Charlie (Charlie Rocket) to share the secrets to manifestation and generating wealth, opportunity & abundance in the music business.

Charlie Rocket shares a lot of these concepts in his podcast but you need the secret Quantopia phone number to access it.

Even though he is not in the music business anymore and is focused on being a motivational speaker and Nike athlete we still had to bring him on the show to pass down the knowledge and advice. One of the best parts of this interview is when he gives tactics on getting placements as a music producer and how to get rappers emails to send beats.

Look out for more from Charlie Rocket and Producergrind!

Listen to the Charlie Rocket Producergrind Podcast

Charlie Rocket Quantopia Phone Number Revealed on Producergrind Podcast


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