10 Free ReFX Nexus Expansion Packs You Should Download

10 Free ReFX Nexus Expansion Packs You Should Download - ProducerGrind

This is a compilation list of all the Free Nexus 2 XP’s we have posted in the last few months. For new visitors this might be a little overwhelming, you probably don’t know which one to download first. They are all filled with very solid nexus presets, so grab them all. If you have known about our site for a while then you may have most of these but check out the ones you missed!

1. London On Da Track Nexus XP

>>Free “London On Da Track” Nexus Expansion (40 Presets)<<

2. 808 Mafia Nexus XP

>>Official 808 Mafia Nexus XP Expansion (Free Download) <<

3. The “Nice Keys” Nexus Expansion

>>The “Nice Keys” Nexus Piano Expansion Pack (Free Download)<<

4. Gold Bricks Nexus Pack

>>Free “Gold Bricks” Nexus XP (Designed by Traj Hardie)<<

5. C-Ram Beatz Nexus Expansion Part 1

>>C-RAM Beatz “Free Nexus XP Expansion” 50+ Presets<<

6. C-RAM Beatz Nexus XP Part 2

>>C-RAM Beatz Trap Nexus Expansion Vol 2 (Dope Presets)<<

7. SupaNova Free Nexus XP

>>SupaNovaBeats Free Nexus XP (Free Download)<<

8.The Trap Money Drum Kit & Bonus Nexus Expansion

>>The “Trap Money” Free Sound Kit & Nexus Expansion (RayBeatz808)<<

9. Dark Scary Halloween Trap Nexus XP

>>Dark Scary Trap Nexus Expansion – Halloween Trap by BadRabbiit<<

10. The Trap Cook Up Free Nexus Expansion

>>Free “Trap Cookup” Nexus Expansion (40 Presets | YL On Dem 808s<<