10x Your Beat Sales With Simple Email Marketing

10x Your Beat Sales With Simple Email Marketing - ProducerGrind

Selling beats online can be a challenge, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a solid customer base.

There’s really no secret to it.

The formula for sales is roughly the same in every industry 👍

  1. Create a product (in our case, beats)
  2. Develop an audience and determine your “ideal customer”
  3. Convince them to make a purchase

Looks good on paper, right?

But what’s the real trick to selling beats online?

Email marketing is one of the most important factors in developing a solid base of repeat buyers.

These three tips will help you sell more beats online using time-tested methods of email marketing:

Tip #1: Create A Beat Email List

Email lists are a great way to drive traffic to your store and ACTUALLY sell beats.

If you’re new to producing and don't have an actual list yet, your best bet is to build an email list through DMing artists on social media 📲

Reach out to artists for a week or so, and grab emails from all of the ones you hit it off with.

Focus on building relationships and forming connections between artists that you want to work with 👍🏽 The number of email addresses you have is less important than the actually quality of leads.

And don't reach out mindlessly! Only DM artists who match your style and who you could actually hear on your beats. No one likes their time wasted.

For more on building up your email list, check out our other blog post that specifically explores different methods.

Once you have your email list, there are two ways you can go about sending emails.

1) Send large “email blasts” using the BCC feature and attach 4-5 .mp3 files. This hits a lot of potential customers all at once.

2) Curate personal beat pack emails and send emails individually. This requires a lot more time to send, and a much bigger beat catalog.

Use .mp3 files with a 24-bit depth to ensure high-quality audio with minimal file size.

Don’t use Google Drive unless you understand the file sharing settings inside and out. No one should have to "request access" before hearing your beats 😭🚫

Most file sharing services will work, and all the better if they don't need to actually download the file before listening.

Tip #2: Offer Discounts To Repeat Customers

According to Bill Quiseng (as well known customer experience advocate), it is six times more expensive to win new customers than it is to retain existing ones 🤯

It’s in your best interest to hold on to your customers for as long as possible.

The longer a customer is with you, the stronger their loyalty to you and your brand will be. And on average, long-term customers spend more money per purchase 💰

One great way to show your appreciation to customers and encourage their continued support is by offering discounts.

Discounts with expiration dates create a sense of urgency. Try creating coupon codes that are valid for no longer than 28 days from the initial purchase date.

Experiment with the expiration date until you've found a timeline that's optimal.

Most popular beat-selling platforms such as Beatstars and Airbit allow you to easily generate coupon codes and send them directly via email, text message, and social media 📳📲

You can even automate this process using email marketing services like AWeber or Mailchimp.

While marketing isn't the most glamorous activity of a music producer, it's necessary if you want to increase your beat sales.

Bonus tip: Holidays are the perfect time to offer discounts. People often come into money on holidays and are in the mood to spend 💸🤑

Tip #3: Stay In Contact

It’s super easy to tell when producers actually care about the artists they work with.

A great way to stand out from your competitors (regardless of your actual skill level) is simply by keeping in touch with informative, motivational, and valuable messages.

Instead of emailing the same customer three times a month, try using multiple platforms to stay in touch: Instagram, Email, YouTube, text message, etc. 💎💎

The frequency you reach out to customers is largely up to you. Just don't be annoying!

The important part is that you engage your customers with interesting or helpful messages at regular intervals. This way you stay top-of-mind.

You want your customers to think of you when they need beats 🧠😎 


These are the three tips for increased beat sales using email marketing: 1) create an email list, 2) offer discounts to repeat customer, and 3) stay in contact with relevant messages.

After spending time on email marketing each week, you will start seeing a dramatic increase in your beat sales 👌✅

Naturally, your beats need to hit if you're to be successful selling anything at all! Buildout your melody catalogue, and make sure your drum vault is up-to-date with the modern and relevant sounds of the year.


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