35 Free MeldaProduction Plugins (EQ, Mastering FX, AutoTune & More)

35 Free MeldaProduction Plugins (EQ, Mastering FX, AutoTune & More) - ProducerGrind

The Melda Productions FreeFXBundle is a slept on free music production suite. We first found out about MeldaProductions plugins when we filmed a Behind the Beat video on Jimmy Duvall & XXXTentacion's legendary song "Look at Me". The producer expressed how much he loved using Melda plugins and even showed how he used them on the multi-platinum song he produced,.

The MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle comes with 35 FX VST's covering a wide range of categories. A lot of these plugins can be utilized for recording/mixing vocals in pro tools, but there are plenty that you can use for making beats.

What is in the Melda MFreeFXBundle?

  • MFreqShifter
  • MEqualizer
  • MWaveShaper
  • MCompressor
  • MBitFun (Distortion)
  • MAutoPitch (Free Autotune Plugin)
  • MAutoPan
  • MCharmVerb (Free Reverb Plugin)
  • + 27 More!!!

This free VST plugin bundle also has an upgrade option for $53 which gives each FX plugin even more features and add-ons. We would recommend the free download first so you can test them out and do your own MeldaProduction review before deciding if you want to spend the money.

Click Here to Download the Free Melda Plugins

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