9 Best FREE Piano VST Plugins (Most Realistic Sounding)

9 Best FREE Piano VST Plugins (Most Realistic Sounding) - ProducerGrind

Everyone likes a good piano VST, and it's even better when they come free of charge. We've researched some of the best free piano VST's out there for your convenience. While not everyone can afford a Keyscape VST, we're certain you'll find the following free VST's within your budget. We made sure we only included realistic piano plugins that sound just like expensive VST's. We hope you find a gem from this list that you add to your sound library. All download links are included (Just click the titles.)


Spitfire Labs Soft Piano VST

This might be the best free piano VST ever! This is a great VST for budding producers. You get a host of cool piano sounds along with smooth string sections which sound surprisingly real, especially at this price. 



Keyzone Classic 1.0

Another free piano VST worth looking at is the Keyzone Classic 1.0. This is one of the best piano VST's around. Keyzone Classic has lots of control options such as attack, sustain, decay and release, as well as some FX like reverb for added atmosphere. 



Skerrat London Piano

This is a great free realistic piano VST. This plugin is based on an upright piano as opposed to a grand piano.



Yohng 4Front Piano VST

If upright piano is what you're after, you might like to check out the Yohng 4Front Piano. This is a small VST when it comes to file size and is easy on memory but the sound is impressive. That makes it one of the best free piano plugins for FL studio.



Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano VST

If you're looking for a nice free rhodes VST, you might like the Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano. This is one of the best sounding piano VST's around. You can get all those vintage 1970's electric piano sounds which featured on so many classic hit songs. 


Keys of the 70's VST

Another great vintage piano pack is Keys of the 70's. This is a free VST and all the makers ask is that if you like you can donate to them the price of a coffee! For more Fender Rhodes VST's check out this handy guide. 



DPiano-A Plugin

This is another realistic piano VST. This VST is small and light on resources with a basic interface, which is good news if you work with lots of tracks at once. 

Piano in 162

This is actually a free Kontakt VST and will require the full version of Kontakt to play. It's one of the best free Kontakt pianos around and has been assembled with high quality piano samples. 

If you can't find that elusive free Keyscape download you've been searching for, then we're sure that some of the Piano VST's in this article will suffice. Or if you still want more piano VST downloads, then check out this 5 VST Piano Plugins list.