SahBabii 'Barnacles' Production Credits (List of Producers)

SahBabii 'Barnacles' Production Credits (List of Producers) - ProducerGrind

Here's SahBabii latest album 'Barnacles'. Fire producers have placements on this album including WhipGotTheSauce, Foreign Vu, AyoWithTheMayo, Teezr, Lincoln Minaj and more. Sahbabii kept it traditional with only having T3 as his feature. Check out the full producer credits below. Much like 3P and Squidtastic, this has that Atlanta stamp!

SahBabii 'Barnacles' Production Credits

Songs Producer(s)
Barnacles WhipGotTheSauce
Ready to Eat AyoWithTheMayo
Giraffes & Elephants David Morse & WHYZOO???
Racist Based TJ
Pregnant  Foreign Vu
100 Round Drum Lincoln Minaj
Poppin Shit Ran Beats & Palaze
Double Dick Teezr
Purple Umbrella  SimasBrooBeats
House Party (feat. T3) Lincoln Minaj & Hxney
Trapezoid  12Roses & Deor
Geico Key (Producer) & Deor
Tongue Demon WhipGotTheSauce
Soulja Slim Lincoln Minaj & Khovy
711 Flaask & Deor
Hey Mr. ProdBy7000


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