The Best Free & Cheap Drum Kits For Producers Online (2016 Updated)

The Best Free & Cheap Drum Kits For Producers Online (2016 Updated)

Today I made up a list of the best drum kits online. This is a list of free sound kits as well as the ones that cost money. Now, don't get me wrong I love free kits, and free vst's but a lot of producers can get stuck working with the same old stuff every project. I know anytime I buy new stuff I'm usually more inspired to make beats. Anyways, here is the list ladies and gents (in no particular order.)


The Ultimate 808 Mafia Drum Kit

One of the dopest producer group's out there. Definitely run the game down south right now with rappers like young thug and future all over their beats. | Download


The Sonny Digital Sound Kit

How could a sonny digital kit not be dope? Obviously this has some solid drums in it and a few extra sfx and things you may utilize | Download


The Ultimate DJ Mustard Drum Kit

This is another fire kit to have in your collection. As much as I know you don't want to copy his sound you might wanna check this out because these sounds are gonna hit in the club no matter what. | Download


The "Metro Boomin" 808 Collection

Premium 808s straight from the super producer's sound library. Definitely one of the most popular drum kits ever made. | Download


Gucci Mane Trap God Drum Kit

You would think a gucci kit would be an 808 mafia kit or zaytoven kit but this one proves us wrong. It is a dope little free kit with some unique drum sounds in it. | Download


The J Cole "Forest Hills Drive" Kit

This is the 2015 J cole drum kit. Solid Drum collection with a bonus sample collection featuring samples used in the production of the album. | Download


The "Step it Up Starter Kit"

This is a dope cheap kit for any new producer to get the basic sounds you need. It is super cheap and is made by Superstar O so it is certified dope. | Download


The 2014 Young Chop Drum Kit

Young Chop is one of those producers that came in and changed the game. His signature snare and 808's are some of the most used sounds now. | Download


The New Atlanta Trap Drum Kit

If you haven't noticed, beats don't sound the same as they did 7 years ago. This kit will get you up to date. This is for producers looking for Metro Boomin, TM88, & Honorable C-Note style drums. | Download


The Official TrackMakaz Sound Kit

One of the dopest producers online. This dude has some crazy sounds for you bruh! This isn't the biggest kit in the world but you will like what you get. | Download


The Vybe Beatz Drum Kit "Got Em" Vol 3

No description really needed here. Have you ever really heard a whack beat from Vybe? Well why would you get a bad drum kit from this dude? | Download