The Best Free Logic Pro X Sampler - ADSR Sample Manager VST

The Best Free Logic Pro X Sampler - ADSR Sample Manager VST - ProducerGrind

For the longest time, we have been trying to figure out what is the best Logic Pro X sampler? EXS24 is great for the beginner Logic producer, however there are other options with better features that will help you speed up your workflow, especially when it comes to drums.

One of the best free plugins that can be used as Logic Pro X sampler is the ADSR Sample Manager by ADSR Sounds. Some of the feature that make this the best drum sampler out there for Logic Pro are;

  • Search through all your samples in a simple interface
  • Add smart tags to your samples to easily find them
  • Drag samples directly into your project
  • Trim samples start & end points
  • Loops sync to your project tempo
  • Integrates with your splice samples
  • Key detection and pitch transposing

logic pro x sampler adsr

Download ADSR Sampler VST (Free)

On a side note ADSR works with all DAW software, not just Logic Pro X. For instance you can use it in FL Studio, but most producers are happy with the stock FL Studio sampler.

Check out the video below that shows why ADSR Sample Manager is the best Logic Pro X sampler out right now, and why you should switch from using the EXS24 for drums.