Best Free One Shot Kits 2024 (Keys, Bells, Plucks, Accents)

Best Free One Shot Kits 2024 (Keys, Bells, Plucks, Accents) - ProducerGrind

These free one shot kits are an insane resource for music producers in 2023. Every piano, pluck, bell, accent and bass sound is a great alternative to instrument VST plugins. They require less CPU power and you don't need to search hours through free preset banks to find good sounds.

Here is our list of the best one shot kits of 2022 & 2023. All free download links are included. 

POISON Free One Shot Kit (Dark/808 Mafia Type)

You have probably watched a lot of "how to make melodies like 808 mafia" FL Studio tutorials, but are you still lacking the proper sound selection?

POISON is a free dark trap one shot kit that provides the piano keys, bells, guitars, bass, and many other sounds that you're missing out on. POISON is a 100% royalty-free one shot kit and works in all DAW software (FL Studio, Ableton, MPC, etc.) Be sure to check out the FUTILE Dark trap for 

Download POISON One Shots Here

Also, don't sleep on our most popular premium dark trap one shot kit here.


AURORA One Shot Kit [Starter Edition]

AURORA gives you a wide variety of sounds for making any genre or vibe. This kit really allows you to make your own industry level melodies in an easy way and fun way. All of these sounds and resources work together and provide endless melodic outcomes.

This is the most hyped one shot collection of 2022. Created by Team PG producer Noble. This starter edition includes melodic, bass, keys, mallet, pluck, and chord shots plucks. It's also loaded with free accents and phrases that are a cheat code to creating advanced-sounding melodies. Inspired by KXVI, Frank Dukes, and others.

Download AURORA SE Here


TRENDI Rage One Shots & Sample Pack

This free one shot pack is perfect for making rage beats for Yeat or KanKan. Get that underground rage sound without searching for a free serum download link. These free one shots and samples were handcrafted to help you make beats for getting placements and selling beats online. Some consider this a free BNYX one shot kit because of how similar it is to his sound.

Download TRENDI Free One Shot Kit Here


Experiment Club [Starter Edition] (One Shots & Sample Pack)

EXPERIMENT CLUB is the music production toolset we designed to help us uncover the next generation of dark and vibey samples. It includes all the tools we've determined are required for that current, experimental sound. This free sound kit was created by TB Digital and his personal production team.

Download EXPERIMENT CLUB Starter Edition


TRENCH PACK Leaks (Secret Melody & One Shot Kit)

Download a free copy of the TRENCH PACK Production Suite leaks. This is loaded with a hit sounding dark/vintage one shot kit for FL Studio or any other DAW. Easily drag in these sounds to start crafting your best melodies yet. Also included is a dark trap melody sample pack with 10 trap loops and over 45 stem trackouts leaving you with ultimate creative control.

Download TRENCH PACK One Shots & Loops Here

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