Best Free Random Chord Generators (Online Chord Progression Maker)

Best Free Random Chord Generators (Online Chord Progression Maker) - ProducerGrind

So what is a random chord generator? Well, simply put, a chord progression generator can create random harmony sequences. This is a great way to get started with making a melody in FL studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton, etc. Typically a chord sequence will have around 4 chords to begin with, but you can customize as you go and export when you're ready to use it within your DAW. If you're looking for visual aids to assist you in your instrument playing and learning scales, then we have a few useful links here too. If you need a free piano VST to go with your new chord progressions check out our list of the best ones.


Should Producers Use A Random Chord Generator?

Yes, they definitely should! A lot of times when producers first start out making beats they don't know music theory or how to play piano. Not having a lot of music knowledge can hold you back from really creating good melodies. What a random chord generator will do is tell you the best progressions to use. If you use one like AutoChords you can even pick the feel and type of melody you are going for (ex. Sad Guitar Minor Melody.) Simply put, these chord makers are great tools for beginner producers or beatmakers looking for some new styles to use.  


ChordChord is a great little website which has a free chord progression maker. It's easy to use and simple to customize your the chord progressions too. 

Richman Random Chord Generator

Richman Music School has provided a convenient piano chord maker which you can utilize in your instrument playing. This site is for the likes of guitar and piano players to improve their reading and coordination.

This chord generator produces random chords on the piano. It will create 4 random chords in any order. If you stumble upon a selection you like, you can make note of the piano keys and reproduce it with MIDI in your DAW. 




AutoChords is a great tool for song creation. You can pick from preset descriptions such as sad guitar melody, creepy piano melody or grunge guitar loops to get you started. This is a really useful and unique chord progression generator.


SoundGrail Chord Progression Generator

This page contains a long playable piano keyboard which you can tinkle about on. It also has options to create random chord progressions. All chord sequences are downloadable as MIDI loops too. 



Random Chord Progression Generator

This website is dedicated to musicians who want to improve their reading skills. You can choose to randomly generate lead sheets as well as make use of the random melody generator too. Use the random progressions provided to practice your major and minor scales. 


So there is our big list of the best online random chord generators or chord progression makers. These are some great tools for keeping you creative and making new melody loops for making beats or loop kits and sample packs!