Best Podcasts For Music Producers (Business, Marketing, Making Beats)

Best Podcasts For Music Producers (Business, Marketing, Making Beats) - ProducerGrind
Here is a list of dope podcasts that every producer/beat maker should listen to. These are podcasts I have personally subscribed too and I have found value in them to show you guys.

The Producer Lifestyle Podcast

The producer lifestyle podcast is the official podcast of It features guest producers from all levels in the industry that come on to share knowledge. We talk about many topicsincluding online beat sales, marketing, getting placements & more.

The #AskGaryVee Show

This is a dope episode from one of our favorite podcasters/businessmen, Gary Vee. In this one he talks to a young music producer that calls in to ask him questions about marketing on social media and driving sales.

Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast

The YEL 2.0 podcast by Peter Voogd has been one of my favorites for a while. This episode was one of the first ones I heard and really made me start tuning in

Sound Oracle Unquantized Podcast

Sound Oracle is a sound designer with a big online following that tunes in to his Live podcast on Instagram. Good content overall for producers.