Best Royalty-Free Sample Kits For Producers 2024

Best Royalty-Free Sample Kits For Producers 2024 - ProducerGrind

Keep All of Your Earnings From Placements When You Use These Royalty-Free Sample Kits 🎹💰

We’ve rounded up some of the best royalty-free sample kits out there right now that are perfect for any producer looking for instant inspiration. Check out these top picks and get ready to cook up some heat!

SOUL ERA Sample Bundle: Vintage Soulful Samples

SOUL ERA Sample Bundle - ProducerGrind

First up, we’ve got the Soul Era Sample Bundle. This is a goldmine for producers who love flipping classic 70s style soul sample packs. It’s loaded with smooth vocal chops, lush instrumentals, and everything you need to add some soul to your beats. Whether you’re making boom bap, hip hop, or trap this bundle will inspire you to make hits. 

Get the Soul Era Sample Bundle


OVO Sessions Melody Collection: Drake Inspired Sample Pack 

OVO Sessions Melody Collection - ProducerGrind

Inspired by the iconic sound of OVO, this collection is perfect for those moody, atmospheric beats. Think lush chords, smooth synths, and catchy melodies that are perfect for RnB and trap.Of course it wouldn't be a well rounded Drake inspired pack without some dope hip hop samples as well. If you’re aiming to create tracks with that signature OVO vibe, this kit is a must-have. 

Grab the OVO Sessions Melody Collection


Faded Sample Bundle: Spacey, PluggNB, RnB Sample Packs

 FADED Sample Bundle - ProducerGrind

If you’re into those trapsoul and RnB samples, the Faded Sample Bundle is for you. This bundle is all about creating smooth, soulful vibes with lush melodies, and atmospheric pads. Whether you’re making tracks in the style of Bryson Tiller or exploring the emerging pluggnb aesthetic, these samples will help you create that dreamy, modern sound. These are all royalty-free sample packs also.

Check out the Faded Sample Bundle


PRIORITY Atlanta Trap Sample Pack

PRIORITY Atlanta Trap Melodies - ProducerGrind

PRIORITY is one of our most popular royalty-free sample packs. This dark trap sample pack is packed with hard-hitting melodies, aggressive leads, and dark synths that capture the essence of Atlanta trap. If you want to make tracks that hit hard and stand out, this is the kit for you. 

Explore the Priority Atlanta Trap Melodies


VULTURE: Royalty-Free Hip Hop Sample Pack

VULTURE Hip Hop Melodies - ProducerGrind

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got the Vulture Hip Hop Melodies collection. This kit is all about gritty, raw sounds perfect for hip hop. With powerful melodies, edgy synths, and bold basslines, this collection will give your beats a distinctive edge. Whether you’re into boom bap or modern trap, these samples will help you achieve that unique sound. If you’re searching for top-tier hip hop sample packs, this collection is a must-have for your production arsenal.

Discover the Vulture Hip Hop Melodies




There you have it – our top picks for royalty-free sample kits in 2024. Whether you’re into soulful vibes, atmospheric melodies, or hard-hitting trap, these kits have got something for everyone. So go ahead, dive in, and start making some fire beats!