Billyracxx 'Butterflies, Pt.1' Production Credits (List of Producers)

Billyracxx 'Butterflies, Pt.1' Production Credits (List of Producers) - ProducerGrind

Billyracxx just released his highly anticipated 'Butterflies, Pt.1' which is a 5 song EP and his first project of 2020. Billyracxx was introduced to us back in 2018 by our good friend ChaseTheMoney while they were working on his cult classic mixtape 'Religion' which was produced 100% by Chase.

Billy's unique use of multiple voices and flows combined with his avante garde fashion & visual art style made him our absolute favorite undiscovered artist ever!

We are so hype to expose our audience to his new Butterflies, Pt.1 EP and we hope many of you take the time to go down the rabbit hole of his other music and visual content.

There are some dope up & coming producer credits on this project including his in-house producers AGKeyz & Steelo Foreign who also mixed the entire project. There is also some production from Narcowave producer Young God who is the creator of one of the most sought-after 808's in the game right now.

Butterflies, Pt. 1 has a great mix of turnt beats like "Kill Me" as well as some chill vibes like "The Creature." Check out everyone who played a part below!

Billyracxx 'Butterflies, Pt. 1' Production Credits

Song Producer(s)
Be Clear AGKeyz
Kill Me Young God
American Muse Sound M.O.B.
Sober For What (Feat. Kida Kudz) VERYNECESSARY
The Creature Steelo Foreign & Tedisol

You can listen to Billyracxx new EP on Spotify and Apple Music as well as all other streaming platforms

Make sure you also watch the music video for the EP's first single "Kill Me" 👇