YN Jay 'Coochie Land' Production Credits (List of Producers)

YN Jay 'Coochie Land' Production Credits (List of Producers) - ProducerGrind

YN Jay drops his debut album 'Coochie Land' after his 2019 debut mixtape 'MVP'. Fire producers Enrgy Beats, BEATSBYSAV, Marc Boomin, and Baby On The Track have placements on this project. This album has features from Rio Da Yung OG and King Ca$hes. Check out the full producer credits below.

YN Jay 'Coochie Land' Production Credits

Songs Producer(s)
Coochie Land Enrgy Beats
Coochie Scout  Enrgy Beats
Thank Me Later (feat. Rio Da Yung OG) BEATSBYSAV
Thittie Man Marc Boomin
Tik Tok Baby On The Track
Nicki Minaj Marc Boomin
Surprise  Marc Boomin
Get TF Back (feat. King Ca$hes) BEATSBYSAV
Coochie Man Baby On The Track
Gotta Get Rich  BEATSBYSAV


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