Free Autotune VST Plugins + Download Links (2020 Updated)

Free Autotune VST Plugins + Download Links (2020 Updated) - ProducerGrind
The Autotune VST has long been an invaluable tool to the music industry. It's pitch correction tool has been helping to clean up dodgy vocal takes for decades now. But autotune is not just restricted to correcting bad takes. It can also be used creatively in its own right to make new and imaginative vocal lines and alter vocal timbres. Let's take a look at some of the best free autotune plugins around.

Our List of the Best Free Autotune VST Downloads

Auto Talent V0.2

AutoTalent V0.2 is a cool free autotune plugin which can be used on any instrument from vocals to guitar and more. It has a basic user interface which may seem daunting at first but is easy to get to grips with. You can easily change the mode or scale of a melody as well as add suitable relative harmony with the autotune presets. 

X42 AutoTune

X42-Autotune is based on Fons Adriaensen's Zita-AT1. It is some of the best free autotune software especially if you're on the look for correctional autotune. This autotune VST is clearly laid out with easy access to parameters such as tuning, bias, filter, correction and offset. Sidechain semantics are also visible with the MIDI input which is a huge boon. 


Another autotune VST worth checking out is MAutoPitch from Melda Production. This is a pitch correction autotune for monophonic instruments such as vocals. MAutoPitch works well as a FL studio autotune plugin and has a nice clear and easy to use interface. There is a piano board which allows you to instantly program in the desired key and scale. It's easily one of the best free autotune VST's around for convenience alone. 

Graillon 2

Graillon 2 is a slick looking autotune plugin. It is compatible as either an AU plugin for Mac or VST for PC. Graillon 2 comes with additional features from most plugins such as the ability to quantize your performances. There are lots of options to correct your audio too. You can control things like the snap range and the amount of voices too. Visually this is one stunning Garageband autotune plugin and looks great with Ableton too. Also, if you like to look, feel and sound of the free version, you can upgrade to the full paid version for only $29. 


Fans of that distinctive post malone autotune will absolutely love Voloco autotune. This is one of the best free autotune VST plugins and a full version is in the pipeline for release soon. This is a vst3 plugin so you will need a VST3-capable host in order to use this plugin. It comes with tons of useful presets and no so much of the technical chaining side of things. There are lots to choose from such as Travis Scott autotune presets and other unique sounding ones. If you like your autotune plugins quick and easy to use, then this is for you. Do bear in mind that this is a work in development so if you do happen to come across any bugs, the team behind Voloco would love to hear about them, so they can finetune this already excellent autotune VST. 


G Snap VST is a great little free autotune VST which has a piano keyboard and built-in modes to pick from. It's easy to correct dodgy vocal takes or even get a robot-voice effect going with this plugin. When it comes to the design, it's quite simple, light on resources and the layout is fairly intuitive. This VST will only function correctly with a monophonic input such as a voice or brass instrument. GSnap is currently only available to windows users, so will work with the likes of Ableton but not Garageband. 


With this list you should definitely be able to find a free pitch correction plugin that works great. You don't always need to be an internet ninja and try to find a free antares autotune vst. A lot of times there are amazing alternatives that work in pro tools, fl studio 20, logic pro x & ableton (whatever you record vocals in.)