Free MISHBY Tape Abomination VST (Creepy LoFi FX Plugin)

Free MISHBY Tape Abomination VST (Creepy LoFi FX Plugin) - ProducerGrind

MISHBY Tape Abomination is the newest VST from Freakshow Industries, the weirdest music production software company EVER. No matter what plugins these guys release we can never seem to figure out exactly how to use them. MISHBY is no different, however it might be the best one yet! As always if you don't have any money you can get this as a free VST plugin by clicking the steal button on the official website (Yes they let you "steal" it 

What is MISHBY Tape Abomination VST?

MISHBY, which stands for "Maybe I Shouldn't Have Built You," is pretty much a Tape & vinyl simulation plugin like RC-20. These FX VST's have become extremely popular in the past decade with the rise of sample pack makers like CuBeatz & Frank Dukes utilizing them to make authentic sounding loops. Don't be so quick to think this is just another RC-20 alternative. When you start twisting random knobs it gets crazy quick. 

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How to Use MISHBY VST?

Official MISHBY Demo

It's not much help, but Freakshow has put out a demo video where they show you what the knobs do (kinda.) Watch it below to get a better idea of what it does.