How CLUBHOUSE Changed the Music Industry

How CLUBHOUSE Changed the Music Industry - ProducerGrind

Who would've thought that this app could change the way you network with music industry Execs? Imagine joining a chatroom filled with CEOs, A&Rs, Grammy Winning Artists, and Platinum Selling Producers answering your questions, handing out industry gems and potentially handing out placements!

It sounds crazy right? Being in the same chat as 21 Savage, 808 Mafia, CardoGotWings, 9th Wonder, Sonny Digital, and so many more VIPs hosting beat battles, listening sessions, and Q&As is something that seemed impossible for anybody. No longer; Clubhouse is the PLUG! 

Clubhouse is a voice chatting app on IOS (not unlike our own Discord😉

But get this. Clubhouse is invite only. Meaning that in order to use the app, you have to be invited by somebody in your contacts who already has access.

After accepting your invite, you will then be able to network your way into the world of Clubhouse. These invites have become so valuable that there are even people selling theirs through social media (we've seen it from $50 and up)! 

The value for these invites are growing as more engineers, marketing gurus, radio stations, and DJs join the app and tap in to the sauce. It's only a matter of time before it becomes even more crowded.

As the Clubhouse user count has blown up, there are even more networking opportunities to be had for anyone seeking the chance to ask a question or make a connection that could potentially help change the direction of their careers.  

Navigating the world of Clubhouse can lead you into some unlikely conversations. Knowing how to make the most out them is only half the battle.

The other half is actually getting up on stage and talking without losing yourself in your nerves. Before you explore and start talking to your music industry peers, receive a few gems of advice that will help you make the most out of your opportunity and increase your network:

1. Your Bio Is Your Resume

Sharing your achievements can add legitimate value to your network.

Aside from the multiple connections you make through voice chat, there is plenty of following going on from everybody in the room itself. The first thing they're gonna see is your Profile Pic and Bio.

Properly represent yourself with your producer / artist name and a bio that shares your achievements and contact information. This foundation is the true key to success on Clubhouse and will you the time of having to explain yourself to others who may not be familiar with you. 

2. Lead With Value

This is the biggest gem I got from being on Clubhouse. If you get the chance to speak with somebody who you believe could be valuable, it's important that you be the same.

This can be as easy as giving a helpful opinion, being pleasant, active listening when being spoken to, or playing devils-advocate on a controversial topic (just to keep things interesting 😂).

"Give a gem, receive a gem" is definitely the way to go when talking to others up on stage. Leave such an impression that they'll have to tap in with you on IG.

3. Join Smaller Rooms

Now I'm not saying that going to a chatroom with some Major Artists or Producers isn't the move; there are very well moderated rooms with thousands of people that are meant for you to join and listen to whatever advice they are giving.

I've just noticed from experience that I always end up making more genuine and legitimate conversations and connections when the rooms are less than fifty people. Do what you can to find those rooms that aren't crowded.

This app is just like L.A; you never know who you will run into.


Is Clubhouse worth it? If you get an invite then JUMP ON IT! This has to be one of the best networking gems in the music industry for anyone who is ready to take those next steps in leveling up their game.

Of all the important people who roam this app, you are the real VIP. This app has shined some light on how many people in the music industry move and now you have the opportunity the let them know that you exist.

Make strong connections and lead with value, and you might just get your next placement through CLUBHOUSE

"But how do I get an invite??" Unless you buy one, you need to cozy up to someone who's already in.

Fortunately, you don't need to wait to start networking with other producers and content creators. Jump in the Producergrind Discord and begin expanding your network right now! All the same networking tips apply.

Nick Meek

Team Producergrind | Sound Designer | Content Creator