How SuperStar O Went From Homeless To McLaren

How SuperStar O Went From Homeless To McLaren - ProducerGrind

SuperStar O was born and raised in Ohio. Despite a challenging upbringing, he surpassed all odds to become one of the first producers to pioneer and dominate the beat selling industry on platforms such as Myspace and SoundClick in the mid 2000s.

Although 2021 has seen him shift focus to chasing major placements, SuperStar O is still a name to be admired in the online beat sales game. In fact, at the time of publishing O is ranked #51 on Airbit's charts! 💸

O credits most of his success to the internet; specifically social media marketing, building a strong brand online 📲, and hustling when others are not.

Social Media Marketing

Superstar O maintains many socials, but his primary focus is Instagram. With a following of 166k, O claims that your image matters regardless of the type of music you’re making. 

On social, the audience notices your image before they notice your music 📷

Whether he’s inspiring younger producers, spreading motivation, or sharing a new beat, Superstar O makes Instagram posts on a regular basis.

The social platforms you focus on have to look the part. By consistently posting dope content, you will create an energy that prompts other producers and artists to follow you 💎 💎

“Someone has to be able to look at your Instagram, and say: damn that’s dope, I’m going to follow you.”

Building Your Brand Online

“Be yourself. Everybody has their own type of drip and style; they just have to find it. Once you figure out what you’re about, you have to be everywhere but mainly focused on one social media platform.

Besides your image on social media, a big part of branding has to do with what you stand for

Are you passionate about networking? Is original sound design a large focus of yours? Perhaps you're into forms of art other than music. Do you have anything to say about legislation or social justice?

Find unique ways of communicating what you're about. Collaborate with yourself 🔥 🔥

Don't fall into the trap of spreading yourself out too much though. Choose a few things, and be awesome at presenting them.

Having A Hustler’s Mentality 

Making a full-time living as a music producer is no easy feat. You have to grind super hard, take plenty of risks, and overcome criticism on a daily basis.

Producers like SuperStar O who are killing the industry have a hustler’s mentality 💪

There are many ways to make money in the music industry. Producing for major artists (placements), licensing your music to sync libraries, selling beats to independent artists online, sound design...and these are only the "sexy" jobs.

One of the biggest reasons O has continued to dominate the industry for over a decade is because he doesn’t limit himself to a single revenue stream 💎 💸

According to O, the most money he has ever made selling beats online from a single transaction was an exclusive rights deal for over 300 beats to an upcoming app developer.

SuperStar O is more than a music producer; he’s a hustler and an entrepreneur. That’s part of the reason why he’s pivoting his focus to producing for major artists and labels.


Commit to doing these three things, and you'll be well on your way:

1) Social media marketing, 2) building a strong brand online, and 3) hustling while your peers are sleeping.


SuperStar O co-produced December 2020's single 'How High' for Tm88, Whiz Khalifa, and Roy Woods. The record is high-energy and explosive, and the beat uses some hard industry drums that'll make anyone go crazy 🔥 🔥


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