How to Make a Beat Like a Platinum Producer

How to Make a Beat Like a Platinum Producer - ProducerGrind

It's worth noting that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a beat. Your initiation into a track hinges on the context and your sources of inspiration. Some beat creators might delve in by pinpointing a sample to form the foundation. Some might be inspired by a bass line and build upon it.

Crafting a Beat in 7 Simple Steps

No matter your starting point, which can differ each time, the steps below provide insight into the essence and techniques of beat crafting.

1. Establish Rhythm and Mood

Begin by determining the BPM (Beats Per Minute) to shape the rhythm. Ask yourself, do you want it to get people moving on the dance floor or be background music for focus? Such queries will guide the rhythm.
Contemplate the mood and sentiment of the beat. Is it melancholic or cheerful, vibrant or subdued? Will it be in a major or minor key? The chosen instruments can also influence the mood, so select them according to the desired ambiance. 

2. Design Your Drum Sequence

every DAW usually has a digital drum sequencing platform, allowing a range of drum sounds to be arranged as you envision. Drums often set the tone for the rest of the track.
If you need some dope drum sounds check out this free drum kit with 808s, kicks, trap snares, claps & more! 

3. Develop Your Chord Structures

With a solid drum pattern in place, focus on crafting the basic chords that underpin the beat.
Though these chord structures can utilize various instruments, they should pave the way for the melody and bass later. Hence, maintain clarity and simplicity. Challenge yourself to learn the circle of fifths & expand your skills.

4. Infuse It with a Melody

Melodies breathe life into the beat. Most chart-toppers have a captivating main melody that stands out. Drawing from your chord structure, craft a melody that elevates your beat. Need assistance? Explore our MIDI melody packs to spark your creativity

5. Sculpt the Bass Track

A beat's soul resides in the bass. A beat sans bass feels flat and uninspiring. Don't have a bass instrument? No problem, here are some free 808 bass samples you can download including the DJ Spinz 808, Zay 808, Plugg 808. more.

6. Incorporate Samples and Audio Effects

Like all artistic endeavors, variety keeps it intriguing. Samples can span from snippets of other tracks to a mere vocal phrase. Audio effects can emanate from various sources, like the rustling of leaves or distant city sounds.
Integrate samples and audio effects to retain listener intrigue. It's always a treat to recognize a familiar sample used innovatively in fresh tracks.

7. Frame Your Track's Structure

Ultimately, creating beats mirrors song composition; it requires a framework. Repetitively hearing the same loop becomes monotonous. Organize your beat with varied sections like:
- Introduction
- Verse
- Chorus
- Conclusion
This keeps the beat evolving and prevents listener fatigue. Plus, it's beneficial for lyricists seeking structure to pen down words.


Beat crafting is an invigorating experience. A beat can encapsulate any sound or mood, with your imagination being the only limit. For those committed to beat production, invest quality time in refining your craft and start connecting with fellow creators and professionals in the field.

Unsure of how to embark on your beat-making voyage? Check out ProducerGrind's most popular free sound packs to get inspired