HUGE List of Free Hip Hop Samples and Loop Kits

HUGE List of Free Hip Hop Samples and Loop Kits - ProducerGrind
We have put together a super collection of free Hip Hop samples and sound packs for your convenience. In this list you’ll find links to exclusive resources such as loop kits and rare samples. There’s a huge mix of styles and genres including royalty free loops, hip hop sample packs, vocal samples, sample chops, free sample chop packs, soulful samples, boom bap samples and even some J Dilla samples. Enjoy!  

Producergrind Hip Hop Samples & Loop Kits

The "Special Delivery" Sample Pack

The “Special Delivery” is one of the best free sample packs complete with lots of top free loop packs. There are 50 unchopped samples of classic 1970's and 80's music hits. There's a bit of everything in here!  

Rare Sample Pack #7

Rare Sample Pack #7 is a good free sound pack for FL studio or whatever your choice of DAW may be. This pack contains a total of 46 brand new joints to chop up and loop for your pleasure. Definitely one of our more popular sample sound packs.  

Free Rare Sample Pack #6

If you’re looking for more out-of-the-ordinary sounds and loops then this one is also for you. Featuring 40 rare samples for you to flip and chop. This is another collection that keeps giving and giving.  

The 40 oz Sample Pack Vol. 1

Volume 1 of the 40 oz Sample Pack comes with FL Studio samples, free Hip Hop samples, free loops and samples. There's a good mix of genres here from old school video games to classic rock and old soul.  

Free Nipsey Hussle Style Sample Pack

This sample pack is dedicated to the memory of Nipsey Hussle and is chock-full of top quality samples which are in the style of the great man himself. If you're a fan of dark beats then you'll want to check this collection out. There are 25 samples in total. Be warned though, most of these are not royalty free samples.  

DJ Pain 1 "Unfinished Friday" Loop Pack

If you have the beat but need some melody or sweet harmony to go on top, then this pack will help you out. It's full of great free loops from DJ Pain 1, which work well with most genres.  

Rare Soul Samples Pack Vol. 1

This is one of our free wav sample packs which has 10 hand-picked select samples just for you. This will help you out with any creative blocks you find yourself hitting. This is part of our new series of rare sample packs.  

Rare Sample Pack Part 2

Everyone loves free sample packs, so that's why we've brought you another edition of our Rare Sample Pack. In part 2 you get 20 more dope samples to cook with.  

The Recipe Vinyl Sample Pack

This is one of the largest free sound packs out there. It's packed with over 700MB of sounds, loops, melodies and loop chops. A great collection to help build banging tunes. You get a total of 107 chops which have been taken from 71 different samples. A must have for all budding producers.  

Mr. Yard Presents: Rare Soul Sample Pack Part 3

Brought to you by Mr. Yard and Producergrind, we have another batch of rare soul samples. These free samples are ideal for FL studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton or any other DAW of your choice.  

Harry Fraud "Coke Boys" Loop & Sample Pack

This is a free Harry Fraud sample pack. One for fans of the New York style Coke Boys.  

Live From The 6 Sample Pack

Brought to you by Adrian R and Producergrind, this pack has almost 50 different sample chop vibes for you to play with. Samples are chopped into loops for you. All ready to go!  

Kill Da Devil Sample Pack

Are you looking for a free hip hop sample pack? Do you need some Chillhop sounds? If so, this pack is for you. We have 45 samples which have all been chopped into loops.  

The Kickback Couture Sample Pack

Jelie from Kickback Couture helped assemble this supreme selection of guitar loops, trap, hip hop samples, lofi loops and more. There are 29 samples in total and they're of premium quality. Each sample has been chosen from vintage vinyl and expertly chopped into the perfect size for looping.


More Packs of Free Hip Hop Samples

Neo Soul & Funk Guitars Freebie

Cloudchord, the Emmy-winning guitarist, brings you this gift of neo soul and funk samples. Cloudchord has recorded with both Fender and Gibson guitars for a wide range of texture. Each take has its own unique atmosphere from swelling delays to spacey reverbs. There's something in here for fans of all styles.  

DJ Pain 1 Unfinished Friday Loop & Sample Pack

We're back with another DJ Pain 1 Unfinished Friday free loop kit. This packed with free sound kits and perfect for constructing mixes on the fly.  

Warped Nostalgia Freebie

If you're looking for 100% totally royalty-free samples, then take a look at this Warped Nostalgia Freebie. If you like what you hear, you can get the full version which has over 360 loops and samples.  

Moody Hip Hop Freebie

This pack has everything you will need to compile a track. From drum loops to pad synths and bass lines, its all here.  

Free Hip Hop Sample Pack

This pack is perfect for building the foundations of your tune. It has quality drum samples along with loops, bass samples, some piano any many more too.  

Hip Hop Sample Pack (150+ Free Sounds)

We bring you another great free sample download link. This time it features over 150 Hip-Hop samples for building beats.  

MasterMind Sample Pack

With 100 real samples, you can build your hip-hop tracks right away. Works great with drum VST's or samplers, either free-standing or within your DAW.  

Samples For Hip Hop

Another nice collection of hip-hop samples for you to get your teeth into.  

Free Sample Pack 2019

You'll find some nice boom bap samples in this pack, along with Underground and hip hop sounds.  

Soul Samples Pack Chopped with BPM

Looking for some soulful sample chops. This is one pack we won't hesitate to recommend.  

Soul Samples Chopped and Ready

Still haven't got your fill of classic soul samples? This pack features the best chops from the hits of yesteryear. With nice guitar loops, drum sounds and more. Get it while it's hot.