Is Ghostwriting OK? Is Ghost Producing OK?

Is Ghostwriting OK? Is Ghost Producing OK? - ProducerGrind
Cardi B dropped the next single from her upcoming album Privacy. The song titled, Be Careful, is already surrounded in controversy behind an IG video released on @_teaspillers that shows what seems to be a ghostwriter rapping along to his own version of the song. In the video, relatively unknown artist Life Of the Pardi raps the exact lyrics as Cardi and the recording of his voice over the same beat can be heard playing in the background. While the story told in the song can be applied to Cardi’s real-life situation with Offset, it’s fairly certain that Cardi used a ghostwriter here. R&B singers use ghostwriters all the time but as its been shown, even in the new era of rap, major controversy has been started over the use of ghostwriters and, for the matter, the use of ghost producers. Artists use ghostwriters because sometimes other artists have amazing song ideas. Producers use ghost production because sometimes they’re services are requested more quickly than they are able to produce and they are able to get to certain artists that other producers can't.

Is it ok to use ghostwriters and ghost production?