Lil Keed “Long Live Mexico” Production Credits (List of Producers)


Here is a List ofLil Keed debut album “Long Live Mexico” Production credits. This Lil Keed album is 20 track ofamazing soundfrom hit beatmakers like Jetsonmade, Pi’erre Bourne, Goose, Turbo The Great, and many more.

Lil Keed “Long Live Mexico” Production Credits

  1. Ride The Wave (prod by. Otxhello & Badmon56k)
  2. Oh My God (prod by. Jetsonmade & Oj Finessey)
  3. Anybody (prod by. JTK, DJ Ayo & OG Mic Will)
  4. Rockstar (prod by. Rok & Starboy)
  5. Million Dollar Mansion (prod by. Pi’erre Bourne)
  6. HBS (prod by. Rok)
  7. Tip Top (prod by Keyyz & Tubro)
  8. Child (prod by. Senor Slice)
  9. Snake (prod by. Pyrex & Cubeatz)
  10. Pass it Out (prod by. Metro Boomin)
  11. Pull Up (prod by. Jetsonmade & Producer 20)
  12. Real Hood Baby (prod by. YoungBoyBrown)
  13. Fear of God (prod by. Lord Capp & Cvre)
  14. Make U Proud (prod by Goose)
  15. On Everything (prod by. Rok)
  16. Dragon (prod by. Earl on the Beat & 1Mind)
  17. Higher N Higher (prod by. BeldonDidThat & King Ozzy)
  18. Ride Wit You (prod by. Jimmy Torrio)
  19. Just a Dream (prod by. BeldonDidThat)
  20. Proud of Me (prod by. Goose)

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