Making a Beat With Real CuBeatz Samples (Authentic)

Making a Beat With Real CuBeatz Samples (Authentic) - ProducerGrind
We got blessed with an authentic CuBeatz sample pack created by the twin brother production team. These guys create some of the most sought after free loop kits in the game. They only send them out to industry producers that they want to collab with. Many big name guys like Southside, Ronny J, and Cardo Got Wings have cooked up using CuBeatz samples and we finally got our hands on some. Check out this video below of Team Producergrind's WhoIsJBeats making a beat in FL Studio 20 using the CuBeatz loop kit. If you are interested, we have a huge list of Free Loop Kits similar to CuBeatz & Frank Dukes samples.

Making a Beat With CuBeatz Samples (FL Studio 20)