Money Man 'State of Emergency' Producer Credits

Money Man 'State of Emergency' Producer Credits - ProducerGrind

Money Man recently released 'State of Emergency' to hold us down during this global epidemic. When everyone is running around like their head is cut off, Money Man is giving us motivation to keep working during this mess. There were a lot of dope producer credits on this album including Yung lan, WindyGotHits and many more. Mooktoven & Trauma Tone Snapped on multiple tracks. Peep the list below and see who played a part. 

Song Producer(s)
2 Milly WindyGotHits, Smoke and Angel
Fall Today Yung Lan, James Maddicks, Mooktoven
On The Go Mooktoven, Felipe S, Yung Lan
Billy Mooktoven
Doubted Me WindyGotHits, Madd Hella
Jumping Back Trauma Tone
You See It Keezy808
Beat The Odds Keezy808
Above Average Mooktoven
Ran Outta Wind Trauma Tone
Goin Hard WindyGotHits, Smoke and Angel 
My Address Mooktoven
3D Yung Lan
Genius TommyBou Beats, WindyGotHits

For more listen to Money Man's album 'State of Emergency' on Spotify or Apple Music. Also you can find the lyrics on Genius

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