New 'Luna' DAW Created by Universal Audio (UAD)

New 'Luna' DAW Created by Universal Audio (UAD) - ProducerGrind

Universal Audio, a production software and hardware company best known for their UAD Apollo series of interfaces, is releasing a DAW. The new digital audio workstation will be called LUNA and is going to be exclusive to Mac OS. There are tons of features that might make this a very sought after recording software. We just wonder how good they will be able to convert lifelong pro tools users to the new DAW.

One thing is for sure. You will only be able to use LUNA DAW if you are an Apollo interface user, reminiscent of the old Pro Tools days before they allowed the use of third party hardware.

UAD Luna DAW Will Sound Very Analog

Universal Audio is very good at creating software that emulates analog gear. Based off the information from their recent press release about the DAW we only assume they will go above and beyond in this category.  Here are some of the features promised in LUNA DAW:

  • Deep Apollo interface integration
  • Built-in Neve console emulation
  • Multitrack tape emulation (warmth and punch)
  • LUNA Free download for Apollo users

All New LUNA Instruments Plugins

One of our first questions is, how easy is it to make beats in LUNA? Although there hasn't been an official word on this we can assume that this will be possible. From the screenshots we see MIDI in the Luna piano roll. We also know there will be some exclusive instrument plugins that come with the recording program. We definitely look forward to being some of the first producers making beats in LUNA and using the instruments.

  • Moog® Minimoog LUNA plugin
  • Ravel Grand Piano by UAD
  • LUNA Shape VST

Luna DAW Moog Minimoog

RAVE free piano plugin UAD Luna

Watch The LUNA DAW Teaser Trailer