New Spotify 'Songwriter Pages' Is Exactly What Producers Needed

New Spotify 'Songwriter Pages' Is Exactly What Producers Needed - ProducerGrind

Spotify just started up it's Songwriter Pages feature which gives producers & songwriters their own pages on Spotify to showcase their production credits. This is a feature that users in the producer community has been asking for since Spotify started publicly displaying song credits on it's desktop and mobile app.

"New Spotify Songwriter Pages Are a Game Changer For Producers"

The new Spotify Songwriter pages will allow users to click the name of the producer and be taken to a page with a playlist of every song they ever produced or wrote. These pages are going to quickly become one of the first links a producer sends someone they are networking with because of how easy it is to display your credits and accolades. As you can see in the Songwriter Pages screenshot below it automatically displays your songs and view count in order of popularity. Imagine being able to send one link to a potential client, investor, media outlet or collaborator instead of a sending multiple links to your discography, songs produced, etc.

How to Create a Spotify Songwriter Page

As of right now, not everyone has access to creating a Songwriter Page on Spotify and it must be done through a major publishing company (ex. Warner Chappell, Sony ATV, Kobalt etc.) The reason is because they need detailed publishing data delivered in CWR format to prove accuracy of credits. Ben Billions, Missy Elliot, Meghan Trainor, and a few others are the only people with these sought after pages right now.  You can however, fill out this form to request a Spotify Songwriter page.

How to Find a Spotify Songwriter Page

It is very simple to pull up these pages. All you have to do is

  • Step 1. Right click on a song in Spotify
  • Step 2. Click 'song credits'
  • Step 3. Click the name of the producer/songwriter you would like to view. 

The Spotify app will then bring you the appropriate page where you can view all their producer credits and statistics.

We are excited for Spotify to roll out this feature for everyone on the platform. We really believe this will become one of the most useful tools for networking prospecting in the music industry.