OCTAVE Just Might Be The Best Synth VST Plugin of 2020

OCTAVE Just Might Be The Best Synth VST Plugin of 2020 - ProducerGrind

The new synth VST plugin OCTAVE created by My BFF Jacob is a high quality synth VST inspired by the unique sound of Mike Dean, Travis Scott, Kanye West etc. OCTAVE is really a breath of simplistic "fresh air" in an era dominated by complex synth & sampler VSTs like Omnisphere which requires hours of searching through presets to find the best sounds.

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What Kind of Synth VST Presets Come With OCTAVE?

Octave was created using world-famous vintage hardware synths that have been used to craft hits and classics since the 1970's. In fact, Jacob had to travel all over the USA and Canada to track some of these rare synthesizers that can't even be bought anymore. 

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Using these vintage sounds in your production can bring a nostalgic vibe to your tracks that no other synth VST can duplicate. Check out this video below to take a deep dive into all of the presets and settings that come native with OCTAVE.

What Type Beats Can You Make With Octave?

As with any synth VST plugin, the possibilities are really limited only to your creativity. Early users of OCTAVE have been using it in all genres of trap, hip-hop- R&B and even Country.

OCTAVE really shines when used for making nostalgic CuBeatz style melodies as well as the dark synth heavy production style made famous by Mike Dean, Travis Scott, Kanye West, etc.

How To Use OCTAVE VST Plugin For Making Beats in 2020

Check out this FL Studio tutorial we collaborated with Jacob on for our Team Producergrind YouTube channel. In this video we show you how you can think outside of the box and use OCTAVE VST for adding some sauce to your beats in non-conventional ways. In the video Jacob does a full explainer on how to create Roddy Ricch style transitions.

How Much Does OCTAVE VST Cost?

Despite how powerful and saucy OCTAVE is it definitely falls under the category of 'cheap VST plugins' (damn near FREE if you ask us.) If you click here to check out more about it you will also be able to buy it and add it to your arsenal for only $29.

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