Old School Hip Hop Drum Kit (Free Download)

Old School Hip Hop Drum Kit (Free Download) - ProducerGrind

We recently dropped the best free old school hip hop drum kit online. It's loaded with classic boom bap drum samples (kicks, snares, breaks, hi hats, etc) all inspired by Alchemist, Griselda, & other hit makers.

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GRIT: Free Boom Bap Drum Kit

GRIT Boom Bap Drum Kit - ProducerGrind


Download the GRIT Boom Bap Drum Kit for Free


Why every producer needs this free drum kit:

Gritty Snares and Kicks: Perfect for that solid foundation.

Cymbals and Open Hats: Add crisp, high-end sparkle.

Drum Breaks: Essential for classic old school hip hop vibes.

FX: Unique effects to add ear candy & transitions.


Don't sleep on this kit. Bring your vision to life with sounds that capture the essence of old school hip hop drum kits.