One Shot Kits and Their Place

One Shot Kits and Their Place
What a time to be alive and a music producer making beats. The readily available resources are endless and the creativity is flowing more than ever, especially now, with one-shot kits changing the game, inspiring producers in studios everywhere. Why have these become so popular? Because they spark originality. You want your beats to stand out? One-shot kits are your friends.

For those of you new to producing, you might be asking, “What is a one-shot and how do I use it?” Think of it as a chord or note made with an especially unique sound. This single sample can be a kick drum, snare, blip, etc. You are then able to take these sounds and add them to your beat, or completely manipulate it to make it your own. With DAW technology always advancing, sprinkling your beats with your own unique flavor has never been easier. Often times, if just starting out, you can be flooded with top-notch one-shots and hear all of the potential, but not know where to take them. First you research, then you get yours hands dirty by experimenting with all the tools your DAW has to offer.

Word of advice – don’t be afraid to dabble with one-shots in other genres. For example, TB Digital Instruments One-Shot Kit  is perfect for your hip-hop, R&B, and trap beat creations. With over 200 melodic samples including bells, flutes, guitar licks, ethic sounds, and exotic textures, you can say goodbye to the days of sifting through hundreds of VST presets searching for the perfect sounds, ‘cause this kit’s got ‘em all.

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