Our 5 Best FL Studio Tutorials of 2020 (So Far)

Our 5 Best FL Studio Tutorials of 2020 (So Far) - ProducerGrind

The Team Producergrind producers have been very active so far this year posting FL Studio tutorials as well as Logic Pro X tutorials for making beats. We have covered a lot of topics so far including Effectrix hi hat secrets, How to make spanish Guitar trap beats, FL Studio 808 pattern tutorials & more. You guys have been giving us a lot of good feedback and video ideas so we had to take the time and make a list of the best ones so far in 2020.

Best FL Studio Tutorials 2020 (Team Producergrind)

How To Make a Spanish Guitar Beat Like Pyrex Whippa

This is one of our most viewed tutorials so far. TB Digital goes in depth in this FL Studio tutorial showing you how to make a beat with spanish guitars like 808 mafia producer Pyrex Whippa.

Effectrix Reverse Hi Hat Tutorial (CHEAT CODE 🔥🔌)

FORNUTO shows all the Effectrix hi hat in FL Studio cheat codes in this tutorial. All the sauce gets revealed so this is a must watch!

FIRE Tips To Sauce Up Your 808 Patterns in FL Studio

This is actually one of our most recent FL Studio tutorial videos where JB gives his best advice for making 808 patterns interesting and bouncy.

How To Make Melodies In FL Studio | Melody Hacks

TB Digital gives some real good advice for making melodies in FL Studio "2020 saucy style" Lots of good tips and tricks for making melodic trap beats!

Making a UK Drill Beat for Pop Smoke w/ 🔥 808 Slides

JB tapped into the UK Drill tutorial gems with this one. He shows how to make UK drill 808 slides and how to make drill hi hat patterns. This one was made a little but before the unfortunate passing of NY rapper Pop Smoke. RIP 🙏


These are definitely 5 of our best 2020 FL Studio tutorials so far. We defintiely have way more on the channel and plenty more on the way. We appreciate everyone that has subscribed and comments on these videos 💪 Let us know what topics you want us to cover next!