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Producer Funnel Secrets & Selling Beats With Clickfunnels - ProducerGrind

If you are a music producer and sell beats online you have probably heard about the new way producers are using clickfunnels to make more money selling beats. Producer funnel secrets is the latest hot-topic in the beat selling community. Up until now producers have had to rely on websites like Beatstars & Airbit to make money online. We can not tell you how often we get emails and Instagram DM's asking us "What is the best website to sell beats?" The truth is, You can make a lot of money selling beats online using these platforms. Some big name producers like CashMoneyAP have literally gone from earning $o online to making over $100,000 per year off of selling beats to rappers by posting instrumentals on YouTube and sending traffic to their beat selling website or Beatstars profile. The downside to this model is that YouTube and these platforms are OVERSATURATED and it can be very hard to start from scratch.


Why is Selling Beats Online So Difficult?

One of the problems with old-fashioned beat selling websites is that you create too many options for the artist once they land on your website. There are too many instrumentals for them to listen to, and too many links for them to click and leave your site. On top of that thereare literally over 1,000,000 music producers posting beats on YouTube trying to get sales.We are not saying it is impossible! We are only pointing out the challenges you must overcome when you start up in this business. Another reason we see producers fail at selling beats online is they do not treat it like a business. You can not post a few beats per week with no marketing plan and expect results. It is just not gonna happen. If you want to be successful you must treat this the same way you would as if you were opening a restaurant or online clothing store.

Cashmoney AP selling beats online

What is a Producer Funnel?

A producer funnel is a new concept to the music producer community. It is a more efficient way to sell beats online and increase conversion rates (amount of sales) on the traffic you drive to your website. We talked a lot about this in our Producergrind Podcast interview with Gabe from Legion Beats. The main concept to a producer funnel is collecting emails and re-marketing to your customer base. The best way to build your email list is to offer the artist FREE beats in exchange for their email address. Once you have their email you put them through an email marketing campaign and offer them a pack of beats for an affordable price. 
Producer Funnel Secrets Clickfunnels
A Producer Funnel is a way to sell more beats and increase conversion rates.  

How To Sell Beats on Clickfunnels?

After watching the Legion Beats interview many producers ask us "what is Clickfunnels?" or "how do you start selling beats on Clickfunnels?" The answer is simple,Clickfunnels is an online software for creating sales funnels and landing pages. The concept revolves around giving the customer one option; Type in your email here for 5 Free Beats.


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A Producer Funnel landing page to download free beats[/caption] After they type in their email it brings them to a beat sales page. On this sales page you tell your customer their free beats are on the way to their email... BUT WAIT... Check out this offer before you go! And this is where the magic starts to happen. You typically insert a video on this page where you (the producer) talk to the camera (the customer) about an exclusive limited-time offer you have going on right now. Typically the offer is something like 20 Beats for $35. YES! we understand that NOT every producer likes the concept of selling so many beats for such a small amount of money BUT the producer sales funnel system is all about HIGH AMOUNTS OF SALES. If you can sell this same package to 4,000 artists you can make $140,000


 The whole concept here is providing a HIGH AMOUNT of value for a fraction of the cost. As you can see below producer Wyshmaster has bundles over $3000 worth of value to the artist for a low investment of $35

What Is Producer Funnel Secrets?

Producer funnel Secrets is an exclusive training system where you can learn how to make a producer funnel using Clickfunnels. The system comes with a whole bunch of resources to get you started including a producer funnel template, email marketing training, and a course on how to drive traffic from instagram and Facebook ads to sell beats in your funnel. The creators of Producer Funnel Secrets,Gabe from Legion Beats & Anno Domini have both earned over $1 Million selling beats online with this system making them the biggest selling online producers of all time. Before we had them on the podcast they gave us access to this system to check it out and do a Producer Funnel Secrets review (we had to make sure it was legit before sharing it with the community.) Right now you can sign up for FREE producer funnel training and learn a lot more of the basics of selling beats on clickfunnels. Click here to Sign Up For the Free Producer Funnel Webinar

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