Smokepurpp "Deadstar 2" Production Credits (List of Producers)

Here is the list of producers on Smokepurpp's Deadstar 2 album which has 17 tracks with some big features and star studded producer credits. As we expected their are Instrumentals from his long time producer friends like Ronny J, Murda Beatz & CHASETHEMONEY. There is also a lot of production from Mike Dean, Go Grizzly, and even our guys Pyrex & KBeaZy.
  1. The Matrix (prod by. Wallis Lane & Mike Dean)
  2. Red Bottoms (prod by. Apex Martin, Mike Dean, Shanks & Smokepurpp)
  3. Stevie (prod by. Diego Ave, Go Grizzly & Soolgothits)
  4. What I Please (prod by. KBeazy, Quad Beats, Mike Hector & OJ)
  5. Ariba (prod by. Go Grizzly & MARIIBEATZ)
  6. All For Me (prod by. WassupBans & Stunner Samples)
  7. Past The Moon Interlude (prod by. Ricky Remedy & Mike Dean)
  8. Lightspeed (prod by. Apex Martin & Mike Dean)
  9. Fill The Room Up (prod by. Go Grizzly & Murda Beatz)
  10. Reckless (prod by. d.a. got that dope)
  11. Dirty Dirty (prod by. Apex martin, Diego Ave & Dez Wright)
  12. Floor Seats - Yet (prod by. Pyrex, CHASETHEMONEY & JW Lucas)
  13. Left Right (prod by. Thank You Fizzle)
  14. On Purppose (prod by. Bankroll Got It)
  15. Robbin Robbin (prod by. Rex Kudo & DY)
  16. Pop (prod by. Murda Beatz)
  17. Audi II (prod by. Ronny J, Tupun & Ricoonthekeys)
For more info listen to Deadstar 2 on Spotify or Apple Music. Also if you want to read Smokepurpp Deadstar 2 lyrics & tracklist visit Genius Check out our official Smokepurpp Loop Kit inspired by Deadstar 2