The 5 Best Producergrind Trap Drum Kits in 2020

The 5 Best Producergrind Trap Drum Kits in 2020 - ProducerGrind

We have dropped some dope trap drum kits over the years but there are a 5 of them that really stand out. These 5 Producergrind sound kits have been heard in multiple big artist's placements and albums. From independent projects to major label projects these drum kits are some of the hardest in the industry.  


1. The Black Market Drum Kit

This is one of the trap drum kits that we are most proud of 💯. Most producers complain about the sound kits they buy having nothing but recycled sounds, but that is not the case here. We took a lot of time creating and putting together these 87 drum & perc sounds and it has some rare heat you won't find in other kits. The Kit Includes
  • 12 808s
  • 8 Kicks
  • 19 Claps & Snares
  • 11 Hi Hats
  • 17 Perc Sounds
  • 8 Open HiHat Sounds
  • 12 Bonus Sounds



2. The Drum Sauce Premium Drum & MIDI Kit

This is by far our best selling trap drum kit. It is definitely a few years old but the sounds in here stand the test of time. If you are just starting to build your sound kit library then this is probably the best trap kit for you to download. It has 170+ trap drum sounds AND 25 MIDI hi hat loops and MIDI snare loops. The loop kit in here is like a cheat code when it comes to making beat. If this isn't enough sauce for you then you gotta check out the sequel. The Kit Includes:
  • 32 808s
  • 35 Snares & Claps
  • 31 Hi-Hats
  • 18 Kicks
  • 15 MIDI Hi-Hat Patterns
  • 10 MIDI Snare Patterns
  • & More



3. The Bando Care Package Drum Kit

This one you have to keep on the low because it isn't legal in every state. We got this one shipped in from cali in an unmarked box. The 808s in this kit are super fire and it has a WAV sub bass sample in it that is literally one of the only sub bass sounds we use when making beats. This Drum Kit Contains:
  • 10 808’s
  • 1 Extremely Dope“Go-To” Sub Bass
  • 11 Claps & Snares
  • 7 Kicks
  • 8 Closed HiHats
  • 4 Open HiHats
  • 7 Percs



4. The Chicken Sandwich Drum Kit

We promise you don't have to wait in line or risk your life for this one. This combo meal aka trap drum kit might be high in calories but only because it has a crazy amount of trap drum sounds in it. Our favorite part of this kit is the 23 exclusive perc sounds in it. Chicken Sandwich Combo Meal:
  • (16) 808 (Entree)
  • (9) Clap (Sides)
  • (7) Crashes (Silverware)
  • (16) HiHats (Drinks)
  • (7) Kick (Tenders)
  • (14) Open Hats (Utensils)
  • (23) Percs (Seasoning)
  • (14) Snares (Seafood)



5. The Drake More Life Drum Kit & Loop Kit

This one is the most different kit on this lit. We can't even really call it a trap drum kit because it has sounds from boom bap drum kits in it. You know how versatile Drake is with his beats so obviously this sound kit has to reflect it. Another dope thing about this one is that it comes with a secret loop kit as well with actual samples from the more life album. This sound kit Includes:
  • (21) 808 & Kick WAV Sounds
  • (22) Snare WAV Sounds
  • (12) Drum Fill Samples
  • (35) Melodic Sample Chops
Well there it is our list of the best Producergrind drum kits. If you are not looking to spend any money (have no fear) we also put together a list of our 9 favorite FREE trap drum kits which has some gems in it.