The 9 Best Free Drum Kits For Making Trap Beats (2022 Updated)

The 9 Best Free Drum Kits For Making Trap Beats (2022 Updated) - ProducerGrind
Today we'll look at some of the best free trap drum kits and free sound packs out there today. This is a list of great free trap drum kits for making beats and consists of the Jetsonmade drum kit, Tay Keith drum kit, Spinz 808, Rack Kick Collection, and others. You can use all of these packs in FL studio and many other DAWs.
Fornuto 'Zone 6' Drum Kit - Producergrind
Zone 6 was created to be the best free trap drum kit of 2020. The sounds in here are essential for making modern bangers like Pyrex Whippa, Southside, Wheezy, Jetsonmade, and other GOATS! Every sound in here is designed to hit hard in your DAW with minimal processing.
  • 5 Must-have 808s
  • 5 Crisp Snares and Claps
  • 6 Essential Hihats
  • 4 Rims
Zone 6-808 (1)
Zone 6-808 (5)
Zone 6-Clap (1)
Zone 6-Snare (1)
Zone 6-Rim (1)
Zone 6-Hat (3)
Zone 6-Hat (4)
Zone 6-Open Hat (1)
Fornuto 'Life of Pierre' Drum Kit - Producergrind
The second free drum kit from Team Producergrind's secret weapon FORNUTO. The drums in this pack are inspired by the Billboard charting producer Pi'erre Bourne. Add some sauce to your latest beats by using interesting 808s, percs, and FX sounds!
  • 17 Essential 808 samples
  • 3 Essential Hihats
  • 3 Punchy Kicks
  • 15 Percs Pierre actually uses
  • 3 Go-to snares and claps, 
  • 22 Unique Sound FX & Vox samples
Joker 808
Nudy Triangle
Same S*%^ Cowbell
LOP Kick 1
Explosion FX
Switched on Me Lazer FX
Mileage Scream
This is one of the best free drum kits for FL Studio. Fans of the 808 drum kit will love the ease of use that this kit brings. It has all the classic 808 sounds which can be easily manipulated and tweaked to your liking. The best free Metro Boomin drum kit available.
If you like to play around with 808 drum kits and customize them further, then you should take a look at the DJ Spinz 808. This handy little free 808 gives you full control over your sound and works like a charm in FL Studio. There's no surprise that it's one of the most popular trap 808 samples for all genres today.
This sound pack is for lovers of a great kick drum. This pack has a great range of rack kicks along with torture rack kicks. It also comes as a free download, so be sure to check this one out!
Official Jetsonmade drum kit with all the sounds he used in beats like Lil-Keed "Its Up Freestyle".
This is a great sound kit for producers that want to make Memphis bounce beats or a Tay Keith-type beat.
One of the most popular FL studio packs around is the Free Trap Drum Sample Pack. This pack is one of the best free drum kits for FL studio. It comes complete in 24-bit sound quality too.
This is one of the most sought after FL Studio sound packs around. It's packed with prestigious drum sounds and loops, making it a hugely popular FL Studio drum kit. Plus, you can get the Zaytoven drum kit for free as an instant download.