What Pros Need to Know About FL Studio Plugins & Presets

What Pros Need to Know About FL Studio Plugins & Presets

Although FL Studio has enough features that allow you to create high-quality beats, sometimes the basics just don’t cut it, and let’s face it, top quality productions start with top quality sounds. That’s why once you’ve established a smooth workflow in FL Studio, you can start checkin’ out plugins and presets, the extra pieces that take your beats to another level, sounding bigger and knocking harder. Most producers will venture outside of FL Studio to add these creative possibilities. However, before checking out those here on PG, let us give you a rundown on what you can use already included in FL Studio.

3xOsc: Abbreviation for “three oscillators”. Most basic synthesizer that can each individually be set to produce a sine, triangle, square, saw, smooth saw, or custom wave form.

Sytrus: Consisting of 6 operators, some filters and FX, you’re able to create a crazy variety of sounds. You’ll find presets such as arps, basses, synths, bells, and brasses. This wall of knobs is used to modulate the different operators against each other to produce different tones and textures.

Fruity Parametric EQ2: Good for mixing and mastering, EQ2 can be used when precise control over EQ is needed, as it helps balance the different frequencies in a sound.

Fruity Limiter: Ideal for compressing the difference in dynamic Range. This is typically only used on the Master channel of your mixer and must be used correctly otherwise it will ruin your mix.

Fruity Soft Clipper: Putting a soft clipper on your master channel is a much easier (and most of the time, BETTER) alternative to a Fruity Limiter. This will ensure your beat does not hit past 0db which will cause it to clip/distort. Most of the producers we have interviewed on our podcast say this is the only plugin they use on the master channel of their beats.

Learning how to navigate and get the most of these plugins doesn’t happen over night, but if you are looking to instantly make your beats louder and add some brightness and punch to your overall mix, we’ve got the presets you need and tutorials to go along with. To avoid the pricey 3rd party VST’s, Producer Grind’s 2020 FL 20 Mixer Preset Pack has 63 full channel effect chains presets that use only stock plugins. This pack is guaranteed to enhance your beats dramatically, with your 808s slapping and your percussion sounding crisp.

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