The 7 Best Free Drum Kits 2023 (ATL Trap, Spinz 808, Boomin)

The 7 Best Free Drum Kits 2023 (ATL Trap, Spinz 808, Boomin) - ProducerGrind

Every producer knows that a fire beat requires a great drum kit. And if you are looking for those sounds that don’t require a ton of processing to fit into your track — ProducerGrind has you covered. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best free drum kits in 2023.

Whether you need free drum sounds for FL Studio, Ableton, or any other DAW, these will get your tracks sounding hot as soon as you drop them in.

Zone 6 Drum Kit

Ready to take your track to trap land? Then you need Zone 6 — the free trap drum kit gives you 21 massive drum samples that provide you crisp snares and claps as well as nasty 808s that will rattle windows. 

The genre has such a distinctive drum sound that it’s always important to use the right drum samples for trap music. And ProducerGrind is giving these away for free. 

What makes Zone 6 so special is the authenticity of the sounds. It makes any track sound like it’s emanating from East Atlanta.

Download Zone 6 Drum Kit Here

Gët Busy Yeat Drum Kit

If you want that big sound of underground rage, you need the drum kit to get you there. Gët Busy Yeat brings you a massive collection of 808s, kicks, claps, snares, percs, and hihats to fill out your track and keep the party going.

Hyperpop thrives on a rich sound, which means you need a free drum kit that can stand up to the extreme production style of the genre. This pack gives you just that.

Designed by Fornuto and available for free right here on ProducerGrind, the Gët Busy Yeat Drum Kit is your number one weapon for making the next viral dark trap hit.

Download Get Busy Free Trap Drum Kit Here


Big Pharma Percussion Kit

Most free drum kits online will try to set you up with more or less a full set of sounds. They’ll have kicks, basses, snares, an assortment of cymbals and claps, and maybe a perc sound or two.

But Big Pharma delivers you 60 percussion drum samples. This is a great way to expand your repertoire, giving you a huge selection to choose from for your next track and many more to come.

Big Pharma Percussion Kit is the best way to get high quality, free samples that keep your beats sounding fresh.

Download Big Pharma Percussion Drum Kit Here


The Real Rack Kick Collection

The two most popular kicks in all of trap music have to be the Rack Kick 1 and Torture Rack Kick — thanks to their heavy use in tracks by the likes of Lex Luger and DJ Spinz. So, ProducerGrind has made things easy for you by putting all 8 Rack Kicks into a single, free collection.

Now, you can get that hard hitting trap sound with the true originals. This gets your tracks to sound true to the source. Meanwhile, because we’ve added in all the variants of the Rack Kick, you can also experiment for a more unique take.

Getting the perfect trap kick for free isn’t always easy. But the Real Rack Kick Collection drops eight samples at no cost.

Download Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack Here


Life of Pierre (TLOP) Pierre Bourne Drum Kit

Pi'erre Bourne is a highly successful producer, bringing us some of the hottest beats in recent years — like Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia” and 6ix9ine’s “Gummo.” If you want to borrow from his sound, you’re in luck. ProducerGrind’s TLOP Drum Kit gives you 63 of his trap drum samples to start experimenting with.

So much of music production today is getting sounds that can hold up in your mix, and these top notch options are both contemporary and high quality.

While we can’t promise this free drum kit will put you on the Billboard charts, we can promise they’ll make your track sound better as soon as you drop them into your DAW.

Download Pierre Bourne Drum Kit Free Here

Asparagus Lofi Drum Kit

As the lofi hiphop style has come to dominate listening tastes over the last few years, producers have been clamoring to get lofi drums that really match this vibe. This pack delivers those warm, smooth sounds we all study/relax to.

These were the samples used by Lofi Organic to create their Asparagus album, with the FX preserved — meaning the warmth and crackle are baked in from the start. 

Why do we love the Asparagus Lofi Drum Kit so much? Because it gives producers a legitimate plug-and-play pack of sounds to quickly lay down chill beats.

Download ASPARAGUS Free Lofi Drum Kit Here

Boomin’ 808 Collection

There is nothing like an 808 bass sample. It gives an undeniable power and weight to your track, and these days, so many genres rely on it. That means most producers are on the hunt for great free 808 samples at all times.

The Boomin’ 808 Collection gives you a full range of sounds. From grimey basses to smooth hits to true subs, this free pack has everything covered.

If you are looking to produce big tracks that bump, you need 808s. And this collection has everything you could possibly want — and all at no cost. Boominati vibes!

Download Free Metro Boomin Drum Kit Here


Thats it for this list of free drum kits for music producers in 2023.

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