The Secret To Selling Beats Online: Customer Service

The Secret To Selling Beats Online: Customer Service - ProducerGrind

There are thousands of producers trying to sell beats online in 2021, so why should an artist buy beats from you? 🤑💰

No seriously. Besides making fire beats with your style, how can you separate yourself from everybody else?

Customer service 💣 

This might seem exaggerated, but providing excellent customer service is arguably more important than making “the best beats”. 

Customer service means going the extra mile for your customers during every interaction 💎 It's showing them that you actually care about their customer experience, no matter the situation.

Delivering on customer service can be as easy as sending your customers a follow-up 'thank you' email after they lease a beat. It can be helping them out with technical questions such as “should I be using an .wav or .mp3 file while mixing the song?”.

Regardless of the situation, if you ever want to increase your beat sales, customer service is a key area to focus on!

Here are five ways you can sell more beats online using customer service:

1. Be Understanding And Respectful To All Your Customers

If you haven’t dealt with an annoying customer yet, you haven’t been in business long 😂

And usually, the difference between producers who excel in the beat-leasing industry and those who don’t is their ability to respond respectfully to customer questions, comments, and concerns every time.

Business is often non-glamorous. Artists lease beats from producers all the time, and it's not uncommon for them to come back with follow-up questions or complaints. Many artists are disrespectful or hella annoying...

Treating everyone equally and always choosing to help your customers to the best of your ability might be a headache in the short term, but it will pay off in the long term ✅

When artists find a producer who has great beats and offers amazing customer service, they’re going to keep buying beats from you for long time.

Need help with fire drum patterns? These might help 🥁🔥

2. Realize That Business Isn't Personal

Customer: “I bought the wrong beat; can I switch it out for another one?”

You can look at this situation in two ways:

  1. Just give the customer another beat and forget about the original one they still have on their computer.
  2. Tell them no, and risk them leaving terrible reviews on your business page and never buying beats or giving you referrals ever again.

Which sounds worse to you? Always give the customers the benefit of the doubt and make them happy 😁 🙌

If you aren’t willing to forgo a little money while making your customers happy, you'll be constantly losing long-term customers.

When customers have an excellent experience with you, they leave positive reviewsgive great referrals, and (most importantly) continue to buy beats!

The minute your brand and reputation in the industry turns sour, your sales will dry up fast 😭👎🏽

3. Give Customers The Time Of The Day

You can’t have it both ways in business. If you want to sell beats, you have to focus on business and marketing.

How do you keep customers happy? By providing them great products and customer service.

When a customer reaches out to you, it’s best to respond to them ASAP. Work-life balance is important, but don’t just blow off your customers because “it’s not a good time” 🚫🙊

If you make it difficult for customers to interact with you and receive service, they will eventually take their business elsewhere.

Artists might be just as busy as you are! Keep that in mind.

Consider the urgency of issues that customers bring up when prioritizing email responses 

For example, a message like “Bro, what’s the key and BPM of this beat? I’m recording rn” should be responded to before "Hey I'm looking for some new exclusives. Shoot me some over when you get the chance".

BONUS TIP: If you notice the same support messages coming through over and over again, maybe spend some time fixing the problem before it comes up. Questions about licensing? Create an Explainer Page. Questions about keys and BPMs? Include those in your file names.

4. Provide Your Customers Honest Feedback

Not every artist who leases your beat is going to be an experienced artist who makes super good music.

When your customers reach out with a song they created from your beat, definitely listen to the song and give them honest feedback!

Remember: they aren’t reaching out to you just to get their ego stroked because they believe they’re Kanye 🤣

Even if you give a customer constructive criticism that’s pretty brutal, they will respect you more and likely consider your feedback 🙌 They will probably even continue to buy beats from you because, unlike other producers who sell beats online, you actually listen to their music and provide value in the form of feedback.

One of the downsides to selling beats online is the lack of in-person connection between the artist and producer 📲 Giving your customers honest feedback is a great place to start building a meaningful connection with them.

5. Create Products And Services For Your Customers

The best service can predict what you need even before you ask for it. 

Take a poll on your IG story asking customers a question like, “What type of beats do you want from me this year?” or “Do you want some NEW trap-soul type beats?”.

Your customers might literally be telling you to drop something specific! That is a clear indicator that the demand for a product is already present and you’re going to sell those types of beats as soon as you drop them.

TnTXD is a good example of a producer who made a smart development play in the form of CHOSEN1 Drums & Melodies 🏃🏽‍♂️🔥

Guess what? He released this because his fans were asking for it.

Similarly, you can use customer problems to create new products and services, then sell them to your customers.

For example: A customer might ask you for feedback on a song they did to your beat, and the song mix sounds absolutely terrible. Give them feedback and then offer to mix the song for them (this is a great way to start building a mixing clientele).


We've just explored five ways you can offer excellent customer service. Focus on this for some time, and you'll soon see your sales skyrocket like never before 💸🤑💰

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