Ultimate Free Lofi Drum Kit List (2019)

Ultimate Free Lofi Drum Kit List (2019) - ProducerGrind

In this article we will look at some of the best free lofi sound kits and LoFi sample packs around. There are many free drum kits for FL studio and sometimes it can be hard to find the right pack for your project. We'll concentrate mainly on FL studio sound packs and loop collections as they tend to be the most sought after. All links we provide are to free sound kits and loops. They contain a variety of essential hiphop, chill hop and boom bap lofi samples and sound kits for you to treat yourself to.   

The Asparagus LoFi Drum Kit

This lo fi sample pack is a collection of the sounds used to make the Asparagus LoFi album by Lofi Organic. These sounds have been processed to create that lower quality lofi sound.   


The X.Shulz LoFi Dum Kit

This lofi drum kit pack contains over 30 snares, kicks and hihats to choose from. There are some standout selections such as the Dilla snare and the "c" kick. For lovers of lofi sample packs, this is a must-have.   


The DDA Free LoFi HipHop Drum Kit + Sample Pack

This pack contains free lofi drum kits, lofi drum samples, hip hop drum kits, and more. There are also lots of effect sounds such as vinyl sounds, hand claps and other lofi percussion samples. Included too are 10 chill vibe loops.   


LoFi Hiphop Drum Kit

This lofi collection is for fans of hip hop and future beat. You get a selection of the best vintage sounding snares, kicks and cymbals of pure lofi quality. There are also a few chill hop drum kits in there for good measure.   


Free Boom Bap Drum Kit

This free boom bap drum kit does exactly as it promises. Most of these kit samples are from classic 70's tunes.   


Joji Styled LoFi Drum Kit

Packed with rarelofi snares and percussion, fans of Joji will love this pack.   


Boom Bap / East Coast Free Drum Kit "Classic Reborn"

This pack has 35 loops and over 170 individual drum and percussion samples, including some classic boom bap drum kits.   


Free Boom Bap Sample Pack

This is one of the best drum packs and features some great hard-hitting boom bap drum sounds.  


The Alchemist Drum Kit

This boom bap drum kit pack is inspired by Alan the Chemist AKA The Alchemist.


Free LoFi Drum Loops

If you're looking for lofi drum loops then check this collection out. It has some great beats which are constructed from quality lofi drum samples.