The Ultimate List of Free Sample Packs in 2021

Regardless of whether melodies are your specialty or your Achilles' heel as a producer, having a diverse library of samples can definitely come in handy. Even the Cubeatz or PVLACE's of the world have those days where inspiration is hard to come by.

A fire royalty-free loop can save you from even the most intense bouts of beat block. Melody loops can serve as song starters, counter melodies, or textures. And if you know how to chop, the sky is the limit for what you can create with them.

That's why we put together this ultimate list of free samples packs of 2021 that you can download right now. These kits are entirely royalty-free; we don't want your money. Sometimes the best things in life really are free! 

We created this kit to help you embrace the dark hyperpop trend before it blows up! Producers like TRGC, Sharkboy, Star Boy, Loesoe, Outtatown Tobias, and Goontex have pioneered this gritty sound. Go crazy with these full compositions, stems, and one shots to create your own unique vibes 🚀

Sampling is at the core of Hip Hop. You can't be in this game without a well-rounded library of melodies at your disposal. We selected some fresh melodies from Team PG for your sampling pleasure. These melodies range from Virtual, Westcoast, Spanish, and even Orchestral.

TB Digital presents the 2nd community placement pack. This exclusive sample pack contains 30 melodies from 30 of the hardest, undiscovered producers in the community. There's huge diversity in this kit, and it's all fire (no filler). *this is the only kit in this list that's not royalty-free.

PLANET X by TB Digital features an eclectic assortment of ten trippy loops crafted to take your beats all the way outta here 👽

PLANET ASTRA is another great installment from TB’s ‘Planet’ series. This one comes with thirteen intricate samples in minor keys just waiting for some hard drums.

UTOPIA was inspired by the biggest artists and producers of today. It comes with 25 samples with a mix of different vibes. You will find everything from melodic, bouncy loops to Spanish guitars in this one.

PURE MONEY contains ten dark and vintage-sounding minor melodies, perfect for creating trap bangers.

CEODylan presents his first ever community placement pack. This exclusive sample pack contains 25 melody loops from 17 of the hardest undiscovered producers in the community. This one comes with a wide variety of vibes.

TB and TWiLL came together to bless the community with a truly special pack filled with everything from upbeat hyperpop loops to moody guitar-based melodies. This pack is sure to keep even the most versatile producer busy for a long time, as there are a total of 60 loops included! This one was originally intended to sell for $50 🤯

TB and TWiLL collabed with the producer community to bring you 22 new royalty-free melody loops. Exploring this kit is a great way to discover some fresh sample makers.

The boys done did it again. TB Digital lined up the Headahh gang to bring you 20 crazy melodies. Level up in the studio by adding drums and flipping the samples in your own creative way.

Ok ok, not a sample pack. But all the same, after you've played with enough premade loops you might just want to take a stab at creating your own. Load these up in your sampler and start composing bangers. Drag them into your DAW, layer them and pitch them to create your own unique ear candy.


Over 100 royalty-free guitar and melody samples for making beats. Inspired by trending artists like 24kGoldn, Iann Dior, and Rod Wave. You are sure to make some bangers with this pack for easy placements! Includes 100 guitar one shots.


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