Ultimate List of FREE Serum Presets (Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep)

Ultimate List of FREE Serum Presets (Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep) - ProducerGrind

Serum Xfer Wavetable Synth is one of the most popular and sought after VST instruments for making music today. In this article we will look at some of the most impressive and versatile Serum sounds available. All presets on our list link to free downloads so it will cost you nothing more than your current Serum license. We have presets for all genres and styles, including future bass, Hardstyle and some trap presets too. We have also included some more mainstream sound packs which cater to other genres such as Pop and EDM.


'Spaced' Free Trap Serum Presets

This is one of the latest and most popular collection of Serum presets for 2019. It has tons of dope sounds including Twilight, Spaced and loop kits such as VHS. If you're looking for some fire Serum sounds, then do yourself a favor an check this one out.


Gratuitous - Overbear Serum Presets

This pack contains 25 must-have presets for Serum which cater to basslines, plucks, leads and pads. You have all you need to start creating cool melodies and harmonic lines to form the basis of your tracks. Combine these Serum presets with some good drum samples to get your songs up and running.


Echo Sound Works Ear Candy Serum Preset Pack

Have you ever found it hard to track down some decent transition sounds and FX? Well this Echo Sound Works Ear Candy pack has just what you need. It's packed with 35 high quality transition presets, and guess what? They're all dope. Choose from a top selection of risers, sweeps, pitch ups and pitch downs. Follow our link to get a taster of what's in store.

Stranger Things V2 Free Serum Presets

If you like to create your own analog sounds on Serum then you'll appreciate this preset pack. It has almost 50 analog sounding presets which cover a variety of instrumental textures. There are 11 Arps, 12 basses, 5 leads and 17 pads to choose from. A nice collection indeed.


Hardstyle Serum Presets Vol. 1

This one id for the Hardstyle fans. Whether you're using Serum with Ableton or another DAW, these serum plugins are totally free, and hard to beat. With 42 lead sounds, 10 pluck sounds, 32 synths, 7 pads and 10 FX, this preset collection will keep you busy for a long time.


20 FREE San Holo Style Serum Presets

Everyone loves a good bass preset. Luckily we have 20 future bass serum presets for you to get your claws into. These presets feature some good bass sounds along with some nice staccato synth sounds. There's also a few sharp high-pitched presets which work well for introducing hooks to your music. Well worth checking this pack out in full.


Angelic Vibes 50 Serum Presets

These custom Serum sounds have been designed for you, especially if you're a fan of Hip Hop or Chillout Trap. This collection is totally free and has some of the best sounding layered pads and low-filtered bass presets around. It's a great pack of presets to begin building your track from scratch. There are quality bass and pad sounds which work really well together. You can literally build a mix in minutes as each sound has been carefully selected to compliment the next.


Clout - Xfer Serum Preset Bank

DJ Shawdi P is to thank for these Xfer Serum preset banks. Perfect for Serum and FL Studio, these 5 presets are ideal for Trap and R&B beat making. Sound inspiration comes from legends such as Zaytoven, Playboi Carti, Triple Redd, Travis Scott and Nav, just to name a few.


Silly Fox Serum Preset Pack (60 Presets)

Searching for some Serum Dubstep presets? How about Trap, Hybrid or Polysonic Hardstep? Well this collection has it all. Contained within are some of the best free Dubstep Serum presets out there. This sample pack is highly recommended for producers who like to create for the genre. Many of the sounds here are harsh and industrial so you won't have any trouble hearing them cut through in your mix.


Formula XP (Free Serum Presets)

If you find you're running low on VST presets for your Serum VST, this little free pack will come in handy. It has 5 free presets created by Imperial Muzikk. There are some nice analogue sounding instruments like piano and flute along with some synthy pads and sub bass sounds. Plus if you like the sound of this sample pack, you can check out the full version which comes at a modest price.


Arabic Trap Serum Preset

This pack showcases some cool Serum plugin presets which are in the Arabic Trap style. Once you import the presets into your DAW you can observe the settings for each sound. Many of these presets feature effects and modulation which you can of course customize to your preference. Use these Serum presets as a basis for your own sound creations which you can in turn share with the community.


2 Big Grime Serum Presets

Well the title says it all really... 2 big grime Serum presets. These sound banks can be imported to Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio or where ever else you host your Xfer Serum VST. Dive on in!


Sounds of Magnet Free Serum Presets Bank

Looking for a versatile preset collection? This demo version comes with 16 Serum presets. These sounds are ideal for a wide range of genres from EDM to Pop. It also has a few free cool Serum trap presets which are worth checking out.


15 Serum Presets Pack

This pack is short, sweet and straight to the point. You get 15 of the coolest free Serum presets which are perfect for EDM and Pop. This is a great little Serum preset pack, and it won't cost you a dime!


48 Free Serum Presets

These free Serum presets are cool and unique sounding. There is a strong lofi vibe from these sounds and they are very versatile. Our hats go off to those Xfer Serum users who are so generous as to share their presets with the community.


Sticky Pop Sounds Vol. 2

Sticky Pop Sounds Volume 2 is a fire VST preset pack. It contains some great Dubstep, EDM, Pop and Trap sounds which we know you'll love. There are 20 Xfer Serum presets in total and one project file. This project file is compatible with either FL Studio, Ableton Live or Logic Pro X.