WestSide Gunn 'Hitler Wears Hermes 7' Production Credits (List of Producers)

WestSide Gunn 'Hitler Wears Hermes 7' Production Credits (List of Producers)
Westside Gunn Hitler Wears Hermes 7 producer credits. The Buffalo NY rapper's new solo project has some of the rawest production and mentions on 90s HipHop and relevant fashion. This new Westside Gunn album has 15 tracks with Statik Selektah, Alchemist, Daringer and more. Could these boom bap beats be the hardest in the game? Check it out and judge for yourself. Look out for some Hip Hop sample packs in this style coming from us very soon.
  1. FCKNEXTWK (prod by. King JVY B)
  2. Broadway Joes (prod by. Cee Gee)
  3. Size 42 (prod by. Daringer)
  4. Connie's son (prod by. King JVY B)
  5. Banana Yacht (prod by. Denny LAflare & DIAMANTE)
  6. GONDEK (prod by. August Fannon)
  7. Kelly's Korner (prod by. Statik Selektah)
  8. Undertaker vs. Goldberg (prod by. Green Lantern)
  9. Whoopy (prod by. King JVY B)
  10. Love U (prod by. AniMoss)
  11. Kool G (prod by. Alchemist & Daringer)
  12. Lucha Bros (prod by Alchemist)
  13. WestSideGunn Day (prod by. JR Swiftz)
  14. Kensington Pool (prod by. M-A)
  15. Outro (prod by. Alchemist)
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