Who is Jetsonmade? Producer for DaBaby

Who is Jetsonmade? Producer for DaBaby - ProducerGrind
Jetsonmade was easily one of 2019's biggest emerging music producers. The South Carolina beatmaker made a name for himself as DaBaby's producer this year when he made hits like "Suge" & "Bop" which both were top 10 Hip-Hop records in the USA. Most people don't realize he has been making beats for a while now and even had producer credits on 21 Savage's first mixtape "Slaughter King" We believed in this dude from the beginning which is why were one of the first media outlets to do a Jetsonmade interview on the Producergrind Podcast back in 2018. He has single handedly created his very own drum & melody bounce which many in the community have tried to copy by watching 'How to make a Jetsonsmade type beat' tutorials on YouTube. Oh Lawd, Jetsonmade Another One is a producer tag that has gone worldwide!

Everything You Need to Know About Jetsonmade (Bio)

What Songs Were Made With Jetsonmade Beats?

Even though he is fairly new to the game, the Jetsonmade discography is extensive. Of course we know him for producing DaBaby - Suge which was his biggest record of 2019 but check out this list of some of his other production credits.
  • 21 Savage - Slime
  • Yung Bans - Wild West
  • Young Nudy - Zone 6
  • Lil Gotit - Oh Ok
  • DaBaby - 21
  • DaBaby-Suge
  • DaBaby - Goin Baby
  • DaBaby - Carpet Burn
  • G-Eazy - Full Time Cappers
  • Lil Keed - It's Up (Freestyle)
  • DaBaby- Bop
  • DaBaby - Gospel (feat. Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane & YK Osiris)

Where is Jetsonmade From?

Columbia, South Carolina in the United States.  

When Did Jetsonmade Get His First Placement?

Even though he produced a song for Speaker Knockerz in 2014, his most notable placement was in 2015 when he made the 'Slime' beat on 21 Savage "Slaughter King"  

Where Can I Download the Official Jetsonmade Drum Kit?

It's not out yet! We have definitely talked about it, and hope to be the brand that collabs with him on releasing the sound pack, but it isn't out yet. There are a few people that have made a free Jetsonmade drum kit by repackaging some of the sounds he often uses when making beats including the sought after Jetsonmade 808 but there are still some rare sounds you can't find online.  

Is Jetsonmade Signed to a Label?

Not that we are aware of, but he did sign a major publishing deal in 2019 with Sony ATV after his major success with his DaBaby's breakout single Suge. A lot of people wonder what is Jetsonmade net worth but it is really nobody's business.  

Watch the Making of DaBaby Suge (Produced by Jetsonmade)

Check out the Genius DeConstructed episode where the Carolina shows you how he made the famous song.  

Watch the Jetsonmade Interview on Producergrind

Like we said earlier, it was dope to be one of the first interview platforms to sit down with this dope producer and ask him about his come up and how he got in the game.  

Watch the Jetsonmade Behind the Beat of Lil Keed Freestyle

Shortly after we filmed the interview we got back up with Jetson to film a fl studio tutorial showing how he produced the song "It's Up" for Lil Keed  

Watch the Jetsonmade Documentary "Rich Off a Laptop"

The hit-producer linked up with @chifyechi to film a mini-documentary called Rich off a Laptop for his SPACEBOY YouTube channel. In this video he gives viewers a behind the scenes look at his lifestyle including a DaBaby studio session.  

Producergrind VIP Studio Session NYC Featuring Jetsonmade

One of our favorite moments of 2019 was when we had Jetsonmade pull up to VIP Studio Session 6 at Quad Studios in NYC. The young hitmaker gave back to the producer community by doing beat critiques, private listening sessions and even making a beat on the spot in front of aspiring producers. Check out this documentary we made of the entire experience!  

Jetsonmade's Chain (Rocket Chain)

Jetsonmade Chain Spaceboy


That is everything we know about music producer genius Jetsonmade at this point. He had a life-changing year in 2019 but we know it is just the beginning for this young star. Make sure you follow Jetsonmade's Instagram and Twitter to keepup with everything going on around his career.