Young Nudy 'Anyways' Production Credits (List of Producers)

Young Nudy 'Anyways' Production Credits (List of Producers) - ProducerGrind

Here is Young Nudy 'Anyways' production credits. This is the first of many that came out in 2020, Coupe, DJ Marc B, and 20 Rocket went in on the production side.Young Nudy came with that slaughter house atlanta sound with a couple other producers you can check out below.

Young Nudy 'Anyways' Production Credits

Song Producer(s)
Understanding DJ Marc B
No Go 20 Rocket
Blue Cheese Salad Coupe
GTA Lyfestyle Coupe
A Nudy Story 20 Rocket, Coupe
Deeper Than Rap Coupe
Cap Dem Coupe, DJ Marc B
That's Why  Lamb
No Comprende 20 Rocket
F*** Me Mean 20 Rocket 
Influencer Bl$$D
I won't Flex 20 Rocket 
Anyways  20 Rocket, Coupe
No Pretending Coupe
Marathon Mojo Krazy
Do It With The... Coupe


For more listen to Young Nudy 'Anyways' on Spotify and Apple Music. Also check out the lyrics Genius.   

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