How To Get Rich BEFORE Placements w/ Real Estate & Stocks

How To Get Rich BEFORE Placements w/ Real Estate & Stocks - ProducerGrind

CEO Morning Show Episode 8 From 5/12/2020

In this episode of the morning show Dylan had multi-millionaire real estate investor & stock trader Richard Garcia on to drop empowering financial gems on the producer community. In this interview, Richard got to tell his come up story and how his family who was in the music-business urged him to stay away from being an entrepreneur and told him to go to college and get a good job. He realized he wanted something greater then that and began day trading stocks in college which is how he first got capital to invest in real estate.

Throughout his journey he had a lot of ups & downs as well as learning experiences that lead him to where he is today with a $6.7 Million real estate portfolio (and growing.)

We had some great conversations talking about how producers that are at ground-zero right now working a regular job without extra money and big placements can shift their mindsets and start putting time into side-hustles like day trading that can lead to passive real estate income and help fuel their music careers.

We also had a live Q&A call in session at the end where the producer community got to ask Richard some questions directly.